No Fear In Love

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I had a fellowship with a group of young ladies talking about love and waiting upon the Lord. Then we started opening up about the most courageous things we had done because of love. The things we did to please men, things we wouldn’t normally do even for our own families. It began with hilarious stories, then they became shocking and ended up very sad, especially in the cases where the courageous sacrifices did not work at all, the men still dumped the ladies. I know you wouldn’t mind if I shared examples…

One lady who was very much scared of darkness used to walk in the dark to the man’s house, to clean the house, wash clothes and dishes, prepare breakfast, and sit there waiting for him to wake up to the beautiful site of a clean house. Another one who had sworn never to take a loan to buy a car, took a very big loan and bought the man a car, he used to drive to work, while the lady waked to town and took matatus daily, working extra hard to service the loan. The saddest one for me was one who loved the children so much but when a man showed up she hid them in a friend’s house, because the man did not like children. That one was not hilarious at all, it changed the mood of the room, it was sad. So many stories were shared as we opened up. It was clear at times, we were ready to go to jail for men we were deeply I love with.

Going back home that day, I was glad the fellowship happened, every time I am invited for young ladies’ fellowships, that is a session I long for. Knowing how far you can go for a man. How courageous love makes you. It also makes us wonder if we really love God. If so, what are some of the courageous things we have done for God? When the question is flipped, we don’t get as many answers, and the ones we get are not as crazy. No one walks in the dark, leave alone the dark; no one wants to walk in the rain going to church. But am sure we would walk in the rain to a man’s house. No one has taken a loan to support a mission. No one was sacrificing their family for the sake of pleasing God. The courage disappears, the risks are less shocking. Yet we are assured that God loves us anyway. We do not have to even work hard for it. It is by faith not by works.

Why then would we work so hard, make foolish decisions, take bigger risks, sacrifice our own happiness, to please a man who later on leaves you shattered. (In this case, since men are also reading, it happens to men as well, why sacrifice so much for a lady who later on dumps you?) Yet do so less for God who will never leave you or forsake you. Maybe you are armed with a question, but the love is different? My answer is. Yes, it is very different, because you are more serious with the earthly relationship than the heavenly one. God tells us to seek Him first and His righteousness and he will give us all other things. Including; husbands, wives, jobs, money, promotions, prosperity; Name it. But many times we are seeking all other things with all our heart and visiting God once in a while to ask for strength to seek other things first. What I have come to know is that if you seek God first he will teach you how to relate in your earthy friendships and relationships. You will honour Him. You will thrive. It’s true, there’s no fear in love, perfect love drives out fear. (1 John 4:18) The question is: do you love God? Please share the courageous things you have done out of love.

May the Lord give us courage to love Him more, to sacrifice our lives for Him, to take risks for Him, to do all it takes for our relationship with Him to thrive, to forget our fears and serve Him in spirit and in truth.


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  1. Wow.. how much have I/would I sacrifice for God, because I love him. Indeed may he give me the courage to love Him more

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