No Experience Needed

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Many times I have given up on job applications because of the qualification requirements. To be specific; years of work experience. I remember a season after graduating from university, where I desperately needed a job. I had no experience in the market but all jobs that came my way required five or more years of experience. I felt defeated, exhausted and unqualified. Of course I still applied for some but reluctantly and hopelessly. I know better now, about believing in myself and in what I can offer, with or without ten years of experience. But in those days, experience superseded expertise.

When it comes to my walk with God, the experience has been the exact opposite. When I got born again over fifteen years ago, I knew nothing about salvation. I knew little about prayer and God’s word but I dared to pray anyway. I dared to believe and hope anyway. The first two months in salvation, I made some prayers that seemed impossible, I desired to go to University and desired good friends. I asked with so much doubt and even laughed at myself. I also looked down upon myself because I had no experience, part of me thought that I needed a more powerful man/woman of God to pray over me. Someone that God would give priority. I was shocked when God started performing one miracle after another. I needed no experience, all I needed to do was to believe.

You may be looking down on yourself because you lack years of experience in salvation. Those who have been saved for many years, and are running ministries may be intimidating you. You even stopped praying and reading God’s word because you feel too little. You have literally given up applying for that job. Today, be encouraged, as long as you have believed in Jesus, you qualify. You qualify to believe, you qualify to ask, you qualify to claim His promises concerning your life. You have full access to God, and you are a priority to Him. You are His son; embrace all your rights.

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” John 1:12

The world may look down on you, people may remind you of how inexperienced you are. But God does not work like that. His way is not our way. So get rid of all the list of qualifications in your mind, all you need to do is believe. Anyone who believes is saved and becomes a child of God. No years of experience required. Even now, even here, God hears you; talk to Him. Talk to your father, ask for help, express your fears, make your needs known. He is able and He loves you.


6 thoughts on “No Experience Needed

  1. It’s like you just saying my story…. Actually my current life…. Been looking for a job those I qualify and those I don’t but still nothing and I keep wondering where I will get a 1 year experience if no one wants to hire me 🥺 🥺 🥺 I feel the pain you know and this job hunting thing has really had a troll in my walk of faith when sometimes I feel like if I need God to answer me I need another experienced man of God for God to answer me 🥺 🥺 but surprisingly also God has answered some of my prayers but this one that I keep praying for a job 😂😂😂seems like this prayer is not passing past the sky…. And it’s tough when here in Kenya you need connections, I have no connections but my only hope is Jesus

    1. I am also in that season of looking for a job. But I know things will work out eventually. Romans 8:28

  2. I’ve been so encouraged! Looking down upon myself has been one of my biggest judgement to myself. I feel relieved and better than I was.

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