I asked my daughter if she would like a Christmas dress or I just get her a nice blouse and jeans. She looked at me and said ‘Why are you stressing yourself, I have many clothes to wear, I will wear my blue jeans’. I watched her face closely just to make sure she was serious. And, yes! She meant every word!

I had mixed reactions:

‘Voice One’ said, ‘Nooo! This is too much! You should be crying that I haven’t bought you a Christmas dress!’ During my time, I have shed tears as early as October, after hearing rumours in the house that there are no Christmas dresses. So, why? Why aren’t you crying too, this is every parent’s stress, stress me. Let me run up and down and get you your dress. Are you okay? Are you happy ? Have I played my part in modelling you in Christian ways??

Voice two said, ‘Rawder you have done a great job! She understands Christmas is not about spending but about sharing God’s love. She is all grown up, moreover, where is the time to run around? Especially now that all dresses are double priced! Thank you Lord for this baby! She complements my budget!’

As I was seated still encouraging myself with the second voice, she opens the door with this very serious look. ‘Instead of buying me a Christmas dress, get me another iPad, this one is for babies.’ Have you ever heard something clearly but pretended not to have heard it, asked again and it’s explained to you with the same words, you clearly understand and still can’t find an answer? Great! That was me.

So by asking if she wants a Christmas dress she thinks I have so much money in the bank its shouting ‘USE ME PLEASE!!’  Did she even know why we celebrate Christmas in the first place? Does she know this new clothes are for the Christmas service? And that she should be thankful to have a mother like me, who is sacrificing so much to buy her gift? (Ok, that is just me blowing my trumpet)

Immediately we started talking about Christmas. I realized she is a theologian, asking very deep questions, like ‘If Mary was engaged, why couldn’t God just wait till she is married to make her pregnant? (Because now she used Mary to show us a bad example)’. Yeah… That is a story for next year,

For now, we are moving around shopping and buying gifts, does your child know the real meaning of Christmas? Even as you meet up with relatives and make merry. Christmas is not about dresses and presents, it’s not about travelling upcountry (This are some of the important ways of showing love) please let them know that it is truly about God’s love. This is the best time to tell them about salvation. Let them know why Jesus was born, and why we are celebrating. Let them come to Jesus. This is the best gift you can give them this Christmas!

Let’s not pass on the culture and forget to pass them on to Jesus!

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