Never Too Late

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I just had a conversation with a friend, we were talking about a mutual friend she had a fall out with. The two used to be best friends and its been over a year of silence. As she narrated how their friendship ended we both sighed in hopelessness. Who would have thought these two could ever separate? We even used to joke that they would be married to brothers so that they end up in the same homestead. However, as we concluded our chat, we both agreed that it was not too late to restore the relationship. All that was needed was for one of them to say something: Anything.

I still remember sharing a trending photo last year; a couple that had divorced reconciled and got married again (to each other) after five years. I read and reread that story for a while because it was unbelievable. Many times we give up on people and on ourselves; using the phrase ’its too late’ yet it only takes us to say or do something; anything!

Think about Joseph son of Jacob. When the brothers met him after many years, having mistreated him, sold him and lied to their father that he was dead, one may think its too late for forgiveness. (Genesis 42) But no. Joseph extends a hand and chooses to pay evil with good.

Wait, you may brush it off because Joseph was in a good place. Look at Stephen in Acts 6-8: He forgave his accusers as they stoned him to death. He did exactly what Jesus did on the cross; ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing’ (Luke 23:34) Sometimes we wait until we are okay, until things are better for us, until the pain is over. But we have just been challenged by Stephen: We can forgive and restore even in the storms, while in pain, while facing death; it’s never too late to forgive. Try your best, do something; anything, to let go of the pain inflicted on you by others.

At times we look at broken relationships around us and conclude that its too late for reconciliation. Maybe we are supposed to apologize for hurting someone but we look at the years and months of silence and conclude that it’s impossible. At times we even forget the specific offense but we choose to remain offended. Remember, forgiveness does not mean going back to a toxic relationship, it’s simply letting go. Today I pray for the grace to make the first move because its never too late to say sorry and it’s never too late to forgive. May the Holy Spirit prompt us to do something; anything according to His will.


5 thoughts on “Never Too Late

  1. Great read indeed. What if alot happened before the break-up? but you opted to forgive and just let go.
    Does forgiveness has to end with reconciliation?

    1. Reconciliation does not have to be going back to the friendship. Yes ask for forgiveness, forgive and move..

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