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The Lord’s prayer is one of the first Bible verses I memorized. I still say it almost every day. The good thing about it is, I always feel like I am praying exactly how Jesus taught us to. On the flipside, I sometimes just mumble through it as though it was a meaningless paragraph in a book. But I once studied the Lord’s prayer phrase by phrase to get the depth of it, I then realized the part that I did not mean at all is ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven ‘ (Matthew 6:9-13)

Honestly, I was just saying it because it was part of it. Then I graduated to saying ‘Above all else may your will be done’ at the end of every prayer. It made me feel like I have surrendered to God’s will yet I knew very well, I did not mean it. All I wanted was for my prayers to be answered the way I want, when I want or bigger. Like I had allowed Jesus to be on the steering wheel but I was still giving instructions from the backseat. What Tobymac refers to as the ‘Backseat Driver’

This was evident when things did not go my way, I was mad and grumpy. I doubted God. I felt like He does not care. I was devastated, and sometimes do a spiritual demonstration: This is where I stopped praying and reading the word, even going to church, because I was mad at God. So, this is opposite of ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ this is opposite of ‘Above all may your will be done’

After many of such episodes, something happened, I saw God’s will. Something that I had cried over many years ago, had been answered in a totally different way. Better than what I was asking for, and at a time that I needed it most. I ended up thanking God that ‘my will’ was not done. I came to realize that asking for God’s will is more than mere words, it is being ready to forsake your will for God’s. Being ready to wait, trusting God that He knows what He is doing. That He is good at being God and does not need our direction.

Even when things don’t go your way, He is God. His will is still supreme. Keep trusting Him. Keep loving Him. Keep living for Him. He is your creator, His word says that all the days ordained for you were written in His book before one of them came to be. (Psalm 139: 16) Remember the next time you say ‘Your will’ mean it, because you are saying ‘no’ to yours and letting His supreme will be done. The good thing is, His will will always be greater. For His Glory.


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