My Staff Is Not Working

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Every time I read about miracles in the Bible, I imagine myself as the main character. I have daydreamed about building an ark, I have dreamt about being one of the disciples distributing food to over five thousand people, of course I have been mentally present at the wedding in Cana. I have crossed the red sea with the children of Israel, I have replaced David in killing Goliath and even imagined covering my nose when Lazarus walked out of the tomb. It feels good being part of the miracle, even in my mind. I have noticed that in most cases specific people are given instructions on what to do or where to go.

In Exodus 4, Moses is instructed to throw his staff on the ground, and it turns into a snake. God instructs him to pick the snake by its tail, and it turns back into a staff. That sounds so cool, I would want to be Moses. Yes I have picked up sticks thinking that they would miraculously turn into something when I throw them down. It has never happened. I have prayed for instant money, it has never appeared. I have stared at my phone waiting for a miracle call, it has never happened. The miracles I have seen in my life have taken different courses, not what I imagined. So why isn’t my staff working?

God is the same yesterday today and forever. He still performs miracles. But we need to know that He gives specific instructions to different people. You are not Noah, why are you building an ark?  I am not Moses, why I am I picking sticks? We should not try doing what God tells other people to do. That is not our instruction; there is a specific instruction for you and me. Who told you to pick the staff? Who told you to pick the snake? Of course it won’t work because it was not for you to do. But the good news is that God can use us too, He can direct us to our miracles, if we are close enough to hear. Remember God confides in those who trust in Him. He has something specific He wants you to do. He wants to use you for His glory, not exactly like Mary, but something unique. Ask and you shall receive your instruction.

We tend to grow bitter when we cannot achieve what others have achieved. Someone said jealousy comes when we count other peoples blessings instead of counting our own. We want our children to turn out like other children we have seen. We want to preach like specific preachers, we want to sing like this great musician, we want what seems greener on the other side. The problem with this is that we crush our own talents and opportunities while busy staring at others. We suffocate God’s voice in our lives as we blindly try accomplishing what He has instructed others to do. God does not duplicate His children; He knows each one of us by name and has a specific purpose for each of us.

At times, it will not be a show. Just like Moses, it can happen between you and God, no selfies, no video recording, no crowds and no witnesses. It doesn’t have to be in front of five thousand people, you don’t have to be in a miracle service. Just focus on God, and you will see the great things He can accomplish through you right there in your room. Look closer, maybe He is already using you mightily but you cannot see because you are mad that your staff is not working.


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