My Son’s Face!

Apologies! Apologies! That title is so misleading. I wanted to post this today and I couldn’t think of a title. So I thought I should name it what was in front of me. There he was smiling. Forgiven? good. Thank you. Just to be clear, my son’s face is okay. Now, below is how today’s blog was actually supposed to start.

I cant believe my baby is already crawling! Yes, I am handling teething, weaning and crawling at the same time. So much fun! Well, is it? Six months a go, I was praying and wishing for the time he will sit on his own, thinking that I would have it easier. Wait, it just started with ‘this pregnancy is crazy! life will be easier when the baby comes’ and coming he did. Life became crazier. I find myself wishing and longing for the next milestone, only to realize the previous one was easier. Right now I can be a pilot, police woman, chef, guard and dancer in the same minute. Things keep getting tougher! But here we are!

Do we talk about my teenage daughter? I remember the times I wished she would get to high school, what was I thinking? Okay, I was imagining life would be smoother with someone who thinks independently. We are here now. I have started wishing she was that seven year old who told me everything that was on her mind: The five year old who wanted my opinion on everything. Including what to wear. But here we are! She still makes me smile, my big bundle of joy.(Even when at times I don’t feel like it)

Everyday I learn and unlearn facts about seasons. one thing that stands out is that seasons come and go. I have a choice, either to play and laugh in the rain or sit indoors complaining about the rain and pray for the sun. Chances are that if I don/t appreciate the rain, I might also not enjoy the sun I’m longing for. If I don’t enjoy this crawling season, one day soon my son will be walking and I will wish he was crawling again. If I don’t enjoy my fifteen year old girl now, one day she will wake up as a young adult and move out.

The Bible says “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) I believe every season is a blessing. In fact, someone somewhere is praying to be in that season you are complaining about. So many women desire to have those sleepless nights with a new born but they haven’t conceived yet. Enjoy that season, praise God in that season! It is not permanent. Job in the Bible has taught me to declare that ‘My redeemer lives’ even in tough seasons. He has taught me to celebrate in good seasons as well. To find reasons to rejoice in every season, no matter what comes my way.

Now what season do you think will make you happy? What stage of life are you longing for? Is your desire for the next milestone depriving you of the joy you need to experience in your current season? See, we have a purpose for ‘now’ we have a role to play ‘now’. Again, if you can read this, you have a reason to celebrate in your ‘now’ The next milestone might have more challenges, the next milestone will have its ups nd downs. Enjoy your current season, with its challenges God is doing something ‘now’.

May God help us all to enjoy our ‘now’ no matter how tough and crazy it seems.


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