My son, a carrot and me.

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Yesterday I had over thirty minutes of unnecessary drama; and there’s nothing I could do about it. I got some fresh carrots from the market and place them in the kitchen as I continued with my chores. My son is at a very busy stage, he is always all over discovering things, taking them and throwing them on the floor. (My poor phone should be wondering what it did to deserve all the pain) So he discovered the carrots and picked one, I quickly grab it to clean it first. I had just fed him, I thought he will just play with the carrot and eat some with his nine teeth. As I cleaned it, he was wailing and pulling down my pants. Then I handed him a clean carrot and he happily walked away.

A few minutes later I heard some funny noises, I rushed to where he was and found him chocking. He had tried swallowing a big piece. The chocking caused him to vomit all he had eaten before. I did what I could before he made a mess out of it. I had to take the carrot away, and that’s when the drama began. My son cried, wailed, screamed and was almost talking! He really wanted his carrot back. He had no idea I was protecting him, He even refused milk! It took more than thirty minutes to calm him down and make him focus elsewhere. All this time I was trying to explain to him why he cant have that carrot back, but he is too young to understand.

This morning I am thinking about the things I have been crying to God for. What if He is saying wait, or ‘no’ because those thigs will choke me? What if He is actually protecting me because that carrot that looks so orange and fresh can be the reason why I walk into frustrations. They say, when God denies you something, He is actually protecting you. Sometimes with our physical eyes, we do not see, we do not understand, we feel unloved and forgotten, yet He does it out of pure love.

What carrot are you wailing for? Have you ever considered that God may be withholding it until you are mature enough to eat it well without chocking? Might you be too angry with God to even calm down and hear Him say ‘wait’. Could it be, milk is what is good for you right now? Yet your eyes are too focused on the carrot to see the milk right in front of you?

Matthew 7:11 reminds us that God knows how to give good gifts to His children. So be encouraged that if He says no, then its not good for you, or the timing is not right.

God is supreme. He knows what He is doing. He is doing it with love. Trust Him. Trust that His ways are better and His wisdom greater. Calm down, unnecessary drama will not make God change His mind. Walking away from God will not change who He is. He cares so much for you to see you choke and vomit because of a carrot.


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