My Secret Desire

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I love sharing this season of my story. In my teenage years I had a secret desire, having listened to many radio stations, I developed a liking for radio. I had never lived in a city, never been in a radio station, never met a radio presenter and never told anyone. It was an impossible dream, because I had just received my high school final exam results and I did not meet the university cut. I told everyone that I desired to be a teacher, (which was my second passion) because the dream was affordable to my parents. I could not tell anyone that I wanted to be a radio presenter because I knew they would laugh at me. It was even ridiculous to think about it.

Being a new believer, I whispered my desire to God, but in laughter like Sarah in the Bible. It always ended with something like, ‘I know this is too big God, never mind’ I thought I had disappointed God so much to even ask for anything, I also looked at my parents pockets and their responsibilities, then compared them to my dreams and laughed even more. My secret desire remained secret.

One evening as I was minding my business, learning how to be a mother at eighteen, now loudly praying that God opens a door for me to go to school and study ‘anything’ God brought an angel in form of my auntie, who took me to university to study communication. The long drive from my village to Nairobi seemed like a dream, I wanted to wake up so many times, but realized that it was real. I was enrolled and had the most amazing four years in campus, experiencing one miracle after another. God’s miraculous provision exceeded my parents’ pockets by far. Each day I was reminded of how unlimited God is. When I finally got into radio, I pinched myself severally. God gave me more dreams that I am involved in right now, and every day, I see Him make a way.

Today I just want you to know that God knows your secret desires, He hears your silent prayers, He knows the dreams you have classified as ‘impossible’ and He sees you laugh at the ridiculous desires you have, thinking they cannot come to pass. Be reminded today that God is supreme, when you think there is no way, He makes a way. When you think it is too expensive, He provides using other people’s pockets, when you think the pandemic has destroyed everything, He multiplies your produce to a hundred fold. He is God. Keep desiring, keep trusting, with God, you will see and accomplish the unimaginable.

Looking at them, Jesus said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.” Matthew 19:26


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