Most Dreaded Questions


I stopped trying to be a superwoman when I realized that superwomen don’t exist. Even if someone looks like one, no one is actually one. No mother is all-knowing and always on top of her game. Everyone is just giving their best as they keep learning. Some days are better than others, on my best days I slay! I have answers to every question and get everything done on time! On my worst days she asks questions that make me wonder who the mother is;

  • This day I was worn out, had a busy week and all I needed was to stay in bed. I had told her of a meeting I was to attend. Basically speaking at a children’s conference on the other side of town. As I lay in bed facing the ceiling with legs crossed like a lazy lizard, she opened the door and asked; ‘Is being auntie Rawder prooving to be tougher than you thought? My people, I got up and rushed for that meeting like the most energetic human being who ever lived.
  • I just had to mention this homework drama we had. Everyone has their favourite subjects and topics. I do too. Social studies is one of my weak points. Every time she does her social media homework, my heart beats faster, in case she comes asking a social studies question. So one of those days, she asks three questions simultaneously as I reached for my phone to google answers. with a tired look, she asked: Did you really go through primary school? of course, I said that there had been so many changes in the society and asked her to pay more attention in class. (There’s always a clever way of making her think it’s actually her work to remember!)
  • Cooking is an adventure we love exploring together. Of late we are trying out crazy menus. But truth be told, there are days I have no idea what to cook and how to cook it! On one of this days, I overcooked ugali. You know very well when you mess up this process you have to begin from scratch! who has the time or energy? I went ahead and served the meal, trying to cover up with some nicely cooked veggies and beef stew. I even had some fruit, just to be safe. The beautiful angel God gave me started eating then paused to ask; Is this how you were taught to cook ugali? One look at her and she knew that she better clear that plate or else she is in trouble.

That’s all she has allowed me to share for today. Right now we are laughing at this article as I post. I am taking this precious moment to let her know that being her mother doesn’t mean that I have to remember everything, do everything perfectly; and when I make mistakes, she should not be too hard on me because I am human. I don’t think she is even paying attention to what I am saying because she is insisting I show her my primary school scores.

We will definitely have this talk later. To all the mothers out there, keep giving your best. No one is perfect. Remember to take time and laugh about your crazy moments with your children.

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