If my daughter wins Ksh.10 million she will give me Ksh.10, 000. Yes, I asked a few more times and I received the same answer. You know, funny enough I smile and say ‘I will be really grateful’ but my heart is screaming ‘10K???? I AM YOUR MOTHER!!’

When she was younger she saw me putting tithe in an envelope, and we started a very healthy conversation.

Sharline: ‘So whose money is that?

Me: That one is for God’

Sharline: Where will you send Him from?

Me: I will take it to church and put in the basket

Sharline: If God is everywhere, why can’t we leave it on the bed, and He will come for it?

Me: Well, it is used for Gods work in church

Sharline: But God has all the money, He can just drop money at church for His work

All in all, I thank God she grew up and we can now conclude on topics.

If you tell her to list our priorities, rent comes last because no one can chase us from the house, if the landlord comes we can hide in the wardrobe until he goes.

However, she loves saving, she loves storing her money and then we go to the bank, she lines up herself and deposits, because she says she doesn’t trust mobile money transfers. (A voice keeps telling me she thinks I will deposit in my account)

Let’s talk about me, the first time I was given a big note was in class six, when I was in boarding school, my mother gave me Ksh.50 note. I dint know what to do with so much money for 2 months. I think I went back home with change. That was over 10 years ago; today’s child knows money, uses money and keeps money.

Enough stories, I was thinking through all the money incidents I have had with my daughter and it strikes me that she will most likely handle money the way I train her. If she sees me faithfully tithing, she will know the importance of tithing.  If she sees me giving to my parents, she will definitely think of giving me someday. (At least 10k out of 10 million)

If I can kill for money, she will grow up knowing money is everything, and if I don’t let her handle money, she will run away with the first person who offers her some thousands. If I don’t teach her how to budget and live within our means in future, she might use money she doesn’t have to please people who don’t care.

I have learnt to do some training, we get to a supermarket and I tell her to pick whatever she wants with a cash limit. Ooh, you should see her return stuff. It gives me so much joy. I have also learnt to allow her be part of the budget; she then understands why I work, what I use the money for, what is important and what can wait.

My fellow parents, don’t keep them away from your money, include them and train them to be good stewards of it. When you are broke, let them know. Lets not be sick when there’s no money. Lets not please them by living beyond our means. Let them learn to work for it, use it wisely and save with a goal.

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