Maybe you are too far.

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I have recently become so lazy to walk to where people are in order to talk to them. I want to shout from my bed and communicate with my daughter who is in another room. Many times it has made me waste more time and energy just passing a message across. Sometimes she gets the instruction but I cannot get the answer, and after a series of back and forth miscommunication, one of us walks to where the other is. The other day I was trying to tell my daughter to reduce the volume on the television, so after shouting my tongue out, I walked to where she was asking ‘aren’t you hearing me?’ she said no, she had not heard a single word from me, and then she added, ‘don’t you think you were too far to communicate?’ Common sense, right? The further you are, the more obstacles blocking clear communication. The further you are, the more unclear the message is. So we set a house rule, no more shouting, if you want to communicate, move to where the person is.

Being close to someone makes relationships flow better. Be it physically or even emotionally. That is exactly what we need to work on in our relationship with God. Many times we move so far away and expect to hear what God is saying. We say God is silent yet our Bibles are closed. We say the worship music is boring yet our minds are intoxicated with sinful content. We dwell in sin, forsaking Godly instruction yet we want a revelation from His word. In campus I used to have a quote in my room to remind me that God is constant, and every time I was not close with Him, it is I who created the distance. It read ‘We used to be close, who moved? –God’ the fact is, if you are serious about a closer walk with God, you will move to where He is. You will avoid every obstacle and distraction. You will invest in your relationship with God.

In Luke 18, a man named Zacchaeus moved closer to Jesus. He had all reasons to stay back and continue living his sinful life, but he chose not to. He knew that he needed help and did all it took to connect with Jesus. Including climbing up a tree to see Jesus, giving half of his possessions to the poor, paying back everyone he had stolen from as a tax collector. In fact he paid them back four times. Now that was a man who wanted to be close to Jesus. Today you and I have a chance to get closer to God. It may take letting go of some things. It requires discipline and sacrifice. You know what you need to do to get closer. If not, then you are not close enough to even know. Start the journey now: Give your life to Jesus.

Maybe God is speaking to you right now, maybe He is showing you the way, He is giving you instruction on where to cast your net. Maybe He is right there with you with His arms open wide, but you are just too far to hear Him. Move closer.


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  1. Very true we need to stop shouting and move closer, God has never moved it’s us who have the habit of moving

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