Lord, I Need Help

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Lord you have said over and over in your Word that I should not be afraid because you are with me. You always tell me not to be discouraged and not to be dismayed. But you and I know that right now I am really scared. I am discouraged and I have a lot of doubt. I cannot pretend before you, I cannot hide from your presence or flee from your spirit. The more I get updates about this virus and see its effects on humanity, I shrink back. One moment I am confidently praising your name and the next I am crying in fear. I have always known you as my comforter, my ever present help in times of need, my wonderful counselor and Mighty God. I Lord, I need help.

I have found myself trusting in disinfectants and sanitizers, panic shopping and feeling safe when I am in the house instead of trusting in you with all my heart and leaning not on my own understanding. I desire that my confidence is found in knowing you are near, knowing that you will never leave and knowing that you never abandon the works of your hands. I have failed you Lord. Most of the time while in the house I have spent watching movies and researching on the virus instead of spending more time with you. No matter I am afraid. I have focused on the giant so much until it appears bigger than you. Forgive me Lord. I have doubted your power to heal and restore. I have doubted your presence. I clearly need help.

Today is the national day of prayer, instead of joining our leaders, I am looking at their leadership errors and pointing fingers at them for ‘living ungodly lives then pretending to know you when there is a crisis’ Lord help me look at the Kenyan leaders through your eyes. Not all presidents have declared a national day of prayer, but ours has. It is a bold step! You say that a nation that knows you as their God is blessed. Oh Lord as Kenyans call upon your name, please hear us. Heal our land Lord. Take away every form of fear. May this virus disappear in your Name. Lord, we cannot handle it with our own wisdom; we cannot as a nation look for loans to buy healing. Even the ‘powerful’ nations are calling on you. Oh Lord have mercy on us. Forgive us for idolatry, immorality, greed, selfishness, blasphemy and every other form of ungodliness we have entertained as a nation. Father Lord, we need help.

I have walked in the counsel of the wicked, stood in the way of sinners and sat in the seat of mockers. I have ignored many opportunities to be the salt and light of the world. I have sought earthly wisdom concerning my life. Lord, please forgive me. I need help.

Lord, strengthen me to keep praying in every season and to keep declaring your promises over my life and over my nation. Please comfort those mourning, heal them that are sick, put your hedge of protection upon us Lord, that we shall be found safe under your wing. Jehovah Rapha, you are the great physician. There is nothing too hard for you. In good times and in bad times you are God, our very present help in times of need. Our help comes from you, the maker of the heavens and the earth. The sun will not harm us by day nor the moon by night. You are aware of every situation causing fear and anxieties, Lord arise! May the giants fall! May the enemies scatter! You are able to do that which no man can do. May the nations see your power, may the world know that you are the great I AM: For your glory.

Thank you Lord for restoring my confidence in you, every time I start praying, fear disappears. When I am weak, then I am strong. I am safe in your hands; under the shelter of the Most High God.  You give me power when I am faint and strength when I am weak. I choose to wait on you, knowing that I will mount up with wings like an eagle; I shall run and not be weary; I shall walk and not grow faint.

Help me Lord, as I wait on you.


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