Limits Off!

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It was Christmas time; the house was filled with jubilation and merry making. The season always brought us together as a family, our city relatives had arrived with pomp and colour. We, village people, always believed that the people in the city had more, knew more and could do more. So when my uncle asked my siblings and I to write down a gifts list, we were ecstatic. The five of us spent hours writing things we really desired, being young, my list had a number of dolls, shoes, clothes, snacks and books. My young mind could not stretch any further, if only everything on my list was to be bought, my Christmas would be made. My siblings also wrote their long lists and we all submitted them to my uncle, he confirmed that everyone had written everything they wanted and then left.

No. He never delivered the gifts, he disappeared from our lives; the next time we met him we were all grown-ups, no longer interested in dolls and toys. Every time we meet for Christmas, we not only laugh at the confidence we had writing our gifts list, but also laugh at the things we wrote. No one wrote money, no one wrote a house or even a car. We were given the freedom to ask for anything, and because our uncle was from the city, we believed that he would actually deliver. Of course our young minds were limited to fun and pleasure, limited to only what we had seen our cousins with.

Would you desire to have someone tell you to ask for anything? What would be in your list? Well, someone has given you that chance today, and it is not a limited uncle, it is our unlimited God, the one who owns the heavens and the earth, He owns all that you can see and even that which you can see. He tells us to ask and we shall receive. (Matthew 7:7) This means that He will not disappear with your list, instead He will deliver more than you asked for, it may not be the exact doll, but it will be exactly what you need. He also assures us that He will do whatever we ask for in His name. (John 14:13) He does not lie, He is not deaf to our requests and His hand is not too short to deliver. He has inclined His ear towards you this morning. What are you asking for?

Now that we have established that God fulfills His promises, and is calling upon us to ask for whatever we need, we should not limit our lists to dolls and toys, let us ask for things of eternal benefits. He is not only dropping manna, He is also supplying wisdom extravagantly, He is the giver of joy, He is giving peace that surpasses all human understanding, He is changing hearts and transforming lives, He is saving and restoring broken hearts. Don’t limit Him to what others have, don’t limit him to what people have said about you, don’t limit Him to your past mistakes, don’t limit him to your small thinking and don’t limit him to your unbelief. In fact, take off all limits and ask the unlimited God to make you more like Him, to send you where He wants you to go and to use you for His glory. Take off all limits, our God is in the business of using limited people for unlimited purposes. He is using flawed material to make Holy garments.

Trust God to supply your needs, ask and you shall receive. Not because of who you are, but because of who God is: He is unlimited.


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