Limited Resources

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When my husband and I started the YouTube show ’50 Years of Marriage’ we took time to think about the need. Actually the idea was propelled by a need, the need to re inform young people on the basics of marriage and encourage ladies that marriage works. I had many encounters in that season from ladies who had given up on marriage because of the many divorce stories and bad experiences in relationships. So God gave us a burden for marriages, a burden for wives, something that will not only encourage others but myself as well. Being the host I get so much marriage mentorship. The need was key, the how came later. God has been faithful so far, providing the right wives and supplying the resources needed.

If we started with the how, then the show would never have started. The first question would be, how do we pay for production? How do we get fifty wives? Where do we get the time? Those questions would have made us forget about the need. But we chose to focus on the goal as we sort out the execution. Since we began the show, we have seen God’s hand in everything. We had limited resources, limited expertise, but with Jesus, we are experiencing more than enough. When God is involved, it doesn’t matter how limited one is, it doesn’t matter how inexperienced one is, He glorifies Himself through the weak, He calls the unqualified and qualifies the called.

In John 6:5-13, Jesus looks up and sees a great crowd coming towards them. The first thing He sees is the need to feed them. The people were hungry and needed to eat. Jesus asks His disciples, ‘where shall we buy the bread for these people to eat?’  Well, the disciples saw the numbers and it was impossible, in fact Phillip said that eight months’ wages could not buy enough food for the people. Then Peter saw a boy with five small loaves and two fish. Limited resources, right? Why would you even tell us about a boy’s packed lunch yet we are looking at a crowd of over five thousand people? But then Jesus gives thanks and multiplies the limited resources, all the people were well fed and the disciples were left with twelve baskets of leftover food. In God’s hands, nothing is limited.

Has God given you an assignment? Is it too big for you? Are you wondering how the need will be met? Today I am here to remind you that when God gives you an assignment, it does not become yours, it remains His. He does not give you tasks because you are strong, He give you tasks because He is strong. He wants to use you to show His strength and His glory. Stop looking at the limitations, stop looking at your inadequacies, stop looking at the impossibilities. Trust in the Lord, trust in the power of His might.  He thrives in situations that seem impossible. Limited resources plus Jesus equals more than enough.


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