Let Every Heart …

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“Joy to the world, the Lord has come. Let earth receive the king! Let every heart, prepare Him room.” Words from one of my favorite Christmas carols. The last part strikes me every time I sing. This is what comes to mind when hosting a guest in my house, I always prepare a room for them: How and where will they sleep? This is something I deliberately think through and execute.

We have just celebrated the birth of Jesus, made merry, and sang Christmas carols. The big question that follows is ‘Is there room for Jesus in your heart?’ Remember God gave us His son Jesus so that whoever believes shall not perish but have life eternal. (John 3:16) Jesus is ready to be your Lord and savior, but you must first believe. You must be deliberate about making room for Him in your heart.

Preparing room means that some things must go out. Our hearts are always clogged by so many things, part of which are sinful. Things that are created by fear and our own selfish desires. Through confession and repentance, as God instructs, we are able to create room for Jesus. Joy has come to the world, everyone is invited to experience it, but only the few who believe; them who have deliberately made room for Him.

Today, let every heart prepare Him room!


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