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Long, long time ago in my village, when I had started noticing that boys were noticing me, some of them used to come home with books pretending that they had come to visit my brothers. Inside those books were letters addressed to me. We thought it was a well-kept secret only to find out years later that my mother always knew. She never read any of my letters and she never asked questions: But she knew everything that was going on. Actually she knew the intention of every boy/girl who came to visit. Sometimes I would go away to see friends, come back lying that I was in school. She knew the truth just by looking at my face. Knowing my mother always knew hidden things made me fear her and also trust her. She knew me so well, and loved me so well.

I was always puzzled by my mother until I became a mother. I knew when my daughter used to throw away her food and lie that she had eaten it all. I knew when she had not bathed even though the towels were wet and the water had been running for twenty minutes; I knew when she lied about studying yet she was just staring at the ceiling. I never investigate, I just look at her and I know. She still hides around the house trying to scare me; the difference is, instead of screaming, nowadays I just know she is a in a particular corner waiting for me. I can interpret her moods, her silence, her hunger and her appearance. Funny enough, I have been right most of the time. I can confidently say that I know her well and love her well as well.

As much as a mother can know her child that well, or spouse can predict their partner’s moves and intentions, it cannot be compared to what God knows. Psalm 139 (One of my favourite portions of scripture) reminds us that God is familiar with all our ways. He does not second guess, He does not need evidence, in fact, before any word is on your tongue, He knows it too well. Think of the many times you sit and rise in a day, well, even that He knows. Think of the number of hairs on your head, hard, right? But he knows. He is omniscient, He knows the past, present, and future: And is the source of all knowledge. The same chapter says that we cannot hide from His presence or flee from His spirit.

Does that make you fear God? Knowing He is in control and sees right through your heart and soul? That He knows everything you do before you make the first move, and also knows why you do what you do? Does it also make you trust Him as the Alpha and Omega? He is so powerful and nothing can be hidden from Him. He is the only one who can reveal to you what you do not know. He created you and knows the number of days you will spend on earth. Wouldn’t you want to be right by Him? It is such a good thing to know that we are known and loved by the creator of the universe. That when no one else understands, He does. When no one comes to our defense, He does. When no one is on our side, He is. Right now at crossroads, wondering which decision you should make, He knows.

Fear Him. Honour Him. Trust Him. May His omniscience nature comfort and reassure you today. You are fully known and fully loved.


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