Jumping to Conclusions

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Because of my crazy boarding school experience, I cringe every time I hear a parent talk about taking their child to Primary boarding school. I was very young, so I cried for years after being subjected to emotional pain. I was always tired because of the cleaning and washing experiences. I never connected with the other girls, so I was often alone and lonely. I hated primary boarding school. So I made a conclusion that I will never take my kids to boarding school.

Recently I met my nieces and nephews who are in boarding school, they are still in primary school. My heart sunk. I was so sorry for them, I was ready to sweet talk my aunty to get them out. But then they started telling me how they enjoy school, they have best friends, they are involved in activities, they rarely do any chores and they are allowed to carry snacks to school. Their experience made me jump out of my conclusions.

Life experiences can make you jump to conclusions: Boarding schools are torture, marriages don’t work, Christians are all pretenders, all politicians are corrupt, all black people are violent, etc. We also make conclusions about our personal situations: God will not show up, this situation is dead, I will never get the job, I will never get married, I will never be promoted, my business will never pick up, We are all guilty of jumping to such conclusions: Especially when we are hopeless.

Here are some wrong conclusions made in the Bible: There are people who had concluded that Lazarus was dead, But Jesus brought him back to life. Abraham and Sarah had concluded that they will never have children, but God miraculously made it happen even in their old age. The Israelites thought that they had come to a dead-end, trapped between the enemy and vast waters, but God parted the red sea. Jesus was also thought to be dead, but He overcame death by rising again on the third day. With God, we cannot jump to conclusions, the moment we think it is over, He makes way. He is our ever-present help in times of need, and He makes a way where there seems to be no way.

So what have you concluded about your life? about your situation? about God’s promises concerning your life? Please jump out of those conclusions, because with God, NOTHING is impossible.


One thought on “Jumping to Conclusions

  1. Amen, thank Rawder for the encouragement, it has just come one the right time. Been feeling low about all things which aren’t okay in my life from academics, getting work, finances
    But I know believe, No more negative Conclusions Jesus is in control, thank you once again, Gos bless you!

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