Jesus is Passing By

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Everyone who knows me knows I love hymns, not just the songs but the story behind them as well. Yesterday I was thinking through the hymn ‘Pass me not’ I wondered how Jesus would pass by people yet He was God, omnipresent and omniscient. How could we even be thinking He could pass us by yet He was walking around healing the sick and raising the dead: For a second I thought Jesus chose whom to heal and whom to pass by; then I quick thought crossed my mind…

‘Sometimes it is the people in need who did all they could to be ‘noticed’ by Jesus: Like what Zacchaeus who climbed up a tree. He was so desperate that he did not think about his title and position in the society, even his height did not stop Him. He chose not to sit back and just sing ‘pass me not O gentle saviour’

I also thought of the blind beggar in Luke 18:35, when he was told that ‘Jesus of Nazareth is passing by’   He called out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” People tried to stop him but he kept shouting until he got Jesus’ attention. His faith healed Him; he was able to see again. He did not just sit and wait for Jesus to come straight to Him.

You and I are more privileged, because our God is everywhere. We don’t have to wait for a crowd leading Jesus by the roadside. Wherever we are, whoever we are with, whatever time, we can call on Jesus. Sadly with this advantage, we sometimes take it for granted; maybe we are not desperate enough, we care so much about our titles and positions to be seen calling for help.

Today, Jesus is ‘passing by’ will you sit and wait for Him to come close to you as you sing hymns, or will you seize the opportunity and do all it takes to get his attention. Maybe not climb a tree or shout on the streets, but say that prayer and read His word. Jesus is not only passing by, He is right there with you asking ‘what can I do for you?’


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