Its Your Time

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Every time I share about the first time I spoke in tongues, people laugh. Because I found myself in hospital waking up to doctors who were asking if there’s any mad person in my family. I had attended a worship night, thanking God and just loving His presence. Then all of a sudden I couldn’t understand what I was saying, the next thing was rolling on the ground, then waking up in hospital. According to those who took me there, they thought I had passed out and I was in pain. Well, I don’t remember any pain or even the journey to the hospital. All I know is that I was in prayer all through; I was shocked to find out that the worship experience was over.

I had made that prayer many times, I desired to speak in tongues. People around me kept saying how sweet it is to speak in tongues. I sometimes wondered why I never did, yet I was born again just like them, I prayed, just like them. It broke my heart many times when people around me in a congregation would break into tongues and I stood there watching and wondering what I haven’t done right. I was tired of the stories from other people; I just wanted to experience it for myself. So it happened on a night I did not expect, I had roles to carry out which I didn’t because tongues happened. It was my desire. I asked and received, not immediately but eventually.

I get tired of Bible stories at times, things that happened to others, they won, they experienced miracles, they overcame temptations, they walked on water, they saw dead people come to life, they saw Jesus! At times I just want my version, to see the visions and wonders with my own eyes, to have a personal experience. There is a difference. We can all sit here and talk about Isaac’s experience, but we won’t say it the same way if it were our own. The Bible says Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years. (James 5:17) It means we can also pray and things happen. We can speak in Jesus’ Name and mountains move. It is your time.

Long for your experience, whatever it is that you desire, enough of other people’s testimonies. Long to share your experience of how you walked on water, how you had no idea where the food will come from and He miraculously provided, how you spoke in Jesus Name and sights were restored, how you heard the voice of the Lord, how you changed from Saul to Paul, how you conceived after years of waiting, how you got the promotion without knowing anyone in the company, how you got married at last! How the red sea was split in your presence, how Goliath fell down, how you found freedom in Christ. You know what you desire; you have heard people share their stories. It’s your time. Ask God for your experience, ask God for your story.


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