It’s All Part Of The Story

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Once upon a time I used to write scripts for church plays. One of the key components of a good script is having an interesting plot with captivating twists and turns, you also need to have some level of suspense to keep your audience craving for more. The plot always has three parts; establishing, building and resolving; this means that there is always an antagonist and protagonist, who stretch the story in two different directions, but the aim of the author is to resolve at the end. When directing the plays, the actors are always told to be in character throughout, and in case there is a hitch, there should move on as though it was part of the script. So the audience rarely knows if someone missed a line or said the wrong thing, to them it is part of the story.

Yesterday I had made a few plans and was almost sure how my day would go. But waking up, my day did not even start how it was supposed to, hitches here and there slowed me down and by the afternoon, I was a bit frustrated. I love looking at my list and ticking the accomplished tasks, but I had nothing to tick. Well, I was very busy doing other unplanned for things, but my mind was unsettled because I like things going on as planned. At some point, I told myself, ‘imagine you were on stage acting, you need to flow with this day as though it is part of your story and flow with the hitches as though you expected them.’ That took me back memory lane to my script writing days, the twists and turns that build characters and make the story interesting.  And that, ladies and gentlemen is how I ended up enjoying my day!

Mary, the mother of Jesus, had a plan, she was to get married to Joseph and live happily ever after, but then God twisted and turned the plot. For Mary, God’s will was supreme in her life, so, though a very shocking twist, she decided to flow with it as though it was part of the story. She endured till the end, and came out victorious; she gave birth to our savior. I am not sure about Job, but I guess he had a plan, but in the book of Job, the story gets twisted so fast before we even get familiar with the character, Job’s character is built in the twists and turns, that is where we draw lessons. He was sick, frustrated and sad, but he did not give in to denying God, he also decided to flow with the new plot as if it was part of the story: Because He knew that his redeemer lives. There are many more examples of characters in the Bible who had a twist and turn in their lives. But I want us to come back home, to you and I.

Many times our lives turn out different from what we had pictured, from what we had in mind. Incidents happen that change almost everything, some are tragic, and cause us so much pain. Well, since nothing catches God y surprise, since all our days on earth were numbered even before any of them came to be, since our God is all-knowing, then we have to trust in Him and know that it is part of our victorious story. God never gives up control to the devil, all that happens to us He allows, and as His word says, at the end, it all works together for our good.

Brace up my friend, life has twists and turns, most of it is unexpected, but it is part of your story of victor, through it all, trust in God, the author of your story. He knows what He is doing, and He is in charge of how the story will end.


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