Its a Strategy!

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We are all waiting; everyday we have to wait for something. As a parent I have learnt that my children should not always instantly get what they want. It is actually impossible to give them everything they ask for instantly. Many times they have to wait, they have to wait for us to get the money to buy what they need, they have to wait for us to go to the shops, they have to wait for us to cook the food, they have to wait until we can afford. It’s inevitable. But other times I withhold and make them wait, as part of my strategy to build their character. We do this out of love, knowing it’s good for them.

Have you ever thought that God is making you wait because it’s part of His strategy to build your character? I can attest that all the times God has made me wait, I have come out stronger and closer to Him. The process was not all rosy, there are times I felt forgotten, abandoned, neglected and less important. There are times I gave up praying on the matter. But looking back, I’m grateful He made me wait.

God had the power to give Abram and Sarai a child at their youthful ages, but He made them wait so that He is glorified. Now we all know that God is not limited by age. After Joseph had the dream of his brothers bowing down to him, it did not happen instantly, he had to wait, in fact he waited through so much pain, from the pit to being a slave, to prison… he waited. Now we all know that God is not limited by adversities. David waited, Moses waited, Ruth waited.. actually everyone waited! Everyone is still waiting! While we wait, God is working.

So you are not alone, you are not forgotten. God is making things work out for you, wait patiently, don’t murmur like the children of Israel. Wait in obedience, don’t give up on God.

Waiting is a blessing, it means God cares for us and He is working things out to make them beautiful in their time. As we wait patiently upon the Lord, we are being strengthened, renewed and refreshed. It’s part of His strategy to make us wait, because He loves us. Don’t give up, at the right time, the Lord will make it happen.

“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint”


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