It Was For My Harm, But…

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I once went to a prayer and fasting center with a group of other ladies I fellowshipped with. It was a church ‘rite of passage’ equipping us to be leaders. As we prayed, we also had many activities and sessions for Bible study, discussions and reflective moments. I have never forgotten the first night at the facility. I had gone to such places before so I knew what to expect, I was braced up for the weekend of prayer. So this night while we were in the rooms, a patron came and told us to get in bed, switch off the lights, remain quiet and think about our lives. She told us to think about the journey, from the time we remember our existence to the present moment. So we all went quite, I started thinking about my childhood.

I thought about my childhood friends, playing around the village, climbing on tress, going for walks, doing the house chores together. Then there was school, all the schools I went to: The first time in boarding school at a very young age, feeling lost and afraid. My thoughts wandered through high school with all its drama, then university. I also took time to think through my pregnancy, the season that was.   I had just graduated so while this happened I was looking for jobs. Then I started thinking about the many times God had rescued me from the jaws of death, and the many bad situations that God turned for my good. I actually started crying, because were it not for the Lord, I would have died when I almost fell in a sewage as a child when we came to visit a relative in Nairobi, I would have been swallowed by sicknesses, I would have dropped out of school because of peer pressure, I would have joined cults at some point when I was questioning my faith. Were it not for the Lord, I would have ended up like a few friends of mine, who died while procuring abortions some got into drugs which killed them, some got into early marriages and regretted immediately. I then slept. Thanking God for turning everything around for my good.

I do not mean that I am better than anyone; there are people who made better decisions. My ‘life movie’ as our patron called it, reminded me that there are so many times in my life that the enemy almost destroyed my destiny. But God rescued me. Look closely at your life, that disease did not kill you, that calamity struck and you were rescued, you came back to your senses before it was too late, you were involved in an accident but came out alive, you were stressed and depressed but you did not commit suicide, instead you came out strong. This would be a good time to list, and proclaim with me ‘what the enemy meant for my harm, God turned in around for my good’.  Everything; the good, the bad and the ugly turned for your good according to Romans 8:28, ‘And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.’

Joseph’s story also encourages us that God turns things around for our good. The process might be painful and unfair, but God is good at using all those moments to create something beautiful. Joseph was sold off by his brothers after some time in a pit, they lied to his father that he was dead; he was accused wrongly by Potiphar’s wife and ended in prison. That must have been painful. But then God made Him second in command in Egypt. Something really good came out of the painful experiences. (Genesis 41)

God will take that pain, that stress, that emptiness, that hurt, that season and every other ‘thing’ that is not making sense right now and turn it for your good. He is all powerful and strong. Trust Him even in the painful processes. He has done it before and has a track record of being good at it. No matter how dim it appears right now, there is light ahead. Joy will come in the morning. Everything that the devil meant for your harm will turn for your good. Yes, everything that the devil meant to use to destroy our families, our passions, our faith, our nation; God is turning it around for our good.


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