It Doesn’t Favour Me…

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Marriage has taught me that sometimes being a hero does not mean getting things done your way, it actually means submitting even when the decision does not favour you. For me, most things that I thought did not favour me, because they did not bring instant joy turned out to be the best decisions we ever made as a couple. In fact the times I have looked out for my own benefits instead of considering what is good for my family turned out as a selfish act, which at the end of the day, after the short lived satisfaction, it causes more harm than good. I am still learning to obey even when it does not favour my moods, my plans and my feelings.

Allow me to go back to Mary, the mother of Jesus, when the angel of the Lord told her that she is going to be pregnant, it did not favour her plans, it did not favour her image, it did not favour her relationship, but she chose to obey. Ultimately, it turned out to be the best decision ever, not just for her, but for you and I as well. She stayed committed to God even when the direction given was not makings sense. In Genesis 22, God commands Abraham to go sacrifice his son Isaac, a son he had waited for till his old age, when God gives Him the instruction, which does not favour him at all; he rises up the next morning and heads to Moriah to sacrifice his son. Well, I would have waited for ten confirmations then start arguing how it is not possible. But Abraham trusted God above his greatest treasure.

The examples in the Bible are many, of people who were instructed to do things that seemed not to favour them, they seemed not to make sense, but eventually things turned out better than their own plans and ambitions. This means that sometimes God’s plans seem distant from our plans, sometimes His plan seem ambiguous, His instructions might not make sense. But since He is God who knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb, then He knows what’s best for you. He knows where you should go, how you should go there and what you should do. At the end of the day, as we see in every example, He is bringing out something better than your plans, greater than what you had in mind, for His glory.

Spiritual heroes are known for their obedience, especially when the command seemed not to favour them. Maybe God has commanded you to do something that does not comply with your plans for your career, your family, your business or even your ambitions. We need to rest in the truth that God is always up to something greater, even when it does not make sense. Trust in the truth that His ways are better than our ways, His wisdom is above our wisdom. The process may be difficult and painful, but obedience always leads to a promise, a promise bigger than what we can ever think of or imagine.


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