So I (with all my super mom powers) decide to go for a wedding committee meeting with my baby and teenage niece. Of course they are wondering where am taking them, and it’s against their wish but it’s one of those things you do without asking; if it’s ok’. So we get in and the kids are on phone, as I get into the wedding plans.

My niece starts staring at me; you know that look that indicates there’s a question, an urgent question for this matter.  So I squint my eyes back and we realize there is no clear communication. And then we have our ‘eureka moment’. Text! She immediately gets on her phone as I glance at mine waiting for the message, then after a few seconds it is delivered.

‘Is this man getting married to that man?’

Well, I forgot to say, the -groom- to -be’ was seated at the front together with the chairman of the committee as the rest of us face them.

Well, I clarified to her that the bride was beside me. Then she smiled back, and the meeting went on.

Don’t think she was really bothered if two men were getting married, she was rather wondering if they are ‘fit’ for each other. Of course she knows about homosexuality, and it’s ok. She has interacted with so many stories and situations. In fact, maybe she would just nod if i said, ‘oh, not the man in purple, the man in orange is marrying the man in red’

To many children, it’s ok for people of the same sex to get married.  We allow them to watch those series, those movies, and those cartoons. (I remember watching ‘the haves and the have nots’ and I was so mad at Veronica for not understanding and accepting that her son is gay and will never be attracted to a woman).  We cuddle up with our children and watch these comedies, not even thinking of ‘parental guidance’. So when the boy gets to boarding school and another boy ‘gets close’, where is the problem? He watched such a situation with his mother, and she said nothing.

Truth be told, we have contributed to making our children believe its ok; we have made them believe some people were just born like that. Some of us, never even talk about this issue with our children: yet the young generation is greatly affected by issues of homosexuality. We also have some of us who have talked to our children and already told them in advance, if they turn to be homosexuals in future, we will still love them and embrace them. Have you heard parents (Christian parents for this matter) telling their children they should embrace who they are, and if it is what they really want, then they shall receive all their support.

This is a wake up call to parents, talk to your children about this issue. Lets not burry our heads in the sand and pretend all is ‘ok’. Leviticus 20:13.

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