I know this statement will sound off, but in three occasions, I have thought my baby is missing something. In some, I have even talked to her and asked her endlessly if she is okay.

One is when we were in a birthday party and I was the one jumping around putting on a tiny birthday cap, with glitters all over me, singing kindergarten rhymes and just having the best time ever! While my daughter is quietly seated at a corner, looking all  grown up and sophisticated, no cap, no cake, carefully sipping a soda, while on phone!

The second one is in a supermarket, I have a list of things to pick and its evident I will take some time. You know how much time shopping can take sometimes, in my mind, I guess she will be sampling sweets or in the toys segment where all other children seem to be pulling their parents towards. So we head separate ways, and in the middle of shopping I look for her just to know where she is. The girl is busy reading story books! It’s Saturday! (I am one of those ones who can vote for ‘no school on Fridays and maybe Wednesdays too’)

Number three occasions is a recent one, we are preparing to go to her school, I walk to my room and she has selected a range of clothes that I should put on when going to the school, (trousers were marked out since she was five) she says I should look like a grown up when I am at her school. (Those who know me, please tell me the truth; don’t I always dress like a grown up?)

I know these stories ring a bell to some parents whose personalities are the exact opposite to their children’s. With statistics revealing that 12 babies are being given to wrong parents daily, you might want to start searching for your real children! I battled with this difference for some time, and it gets worse when you have more than one child and they are completely different.

After my day to day interactions with children, I have come to celebrate their diversity in character; each of them is special and uniquely beautiful in his/her own way. From birth, they grow differently, you can’t force them to crawl, some even never crawl, they sit walk. You can’t force them to walk at your perceived ‘right time’. You can’t force them to look like you, eat like their siblings or even be social. All you need is to let them be themselves, stop comparing them to their age mates in school, discover their strength and nurture them.

Your child is not different, he/s she is unique. Perfect and special as created by God. Celebrate that!


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