In The Morning…

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This is for you who has been crying, your world seems so dark and painful. Many times in such situations, we tend to lose hope and give up on God. This morning a word has been planted in my heart, ‘joy will come’ the reason we all don’t know how and when, is that we keep trusting in God who holds both our nights and our mornings. He is faithful to the end and does not shame those who put their trust in Him.

Yesterday I got a testimony from someone I completely don’t know, she had asked me to pray with her two years ago when her life was broken. She was admitted in hospital, her husband had left her with two children, she had lost her job and her relatives were nowhere to be seen. In fact one of the reasons she sent me a message was to ask if I could find a place for her 3 months old baby to stay. God made a way and we found a place for her children to stay. She then went quiet and I couldn’t trace her. All our communication was online. She had even borrowed a phone to find help on social media.

Yesterday I got a message from her, that everything she had given up on was restored. Her health, her family, her career, was restored. It took two years of pain but she has been restored and she is grateful that she did not give up. She asked me to tell everyone who listens to me that  ‘joy will come’

We live in a wicked world and things may not always be well with us, storms are part of life. But our God has overcome the world. He remains in control even when our circumstances change. My prayer for you is that you will praise through the tears, you will worship through the storms and stay hopeful even in the darkest nights.

This morning you might be reading this in tears, in despair, in pain, in hopelessness. Don’t give up, your joy too is coming. In the waiting, you will lack nothing good, in the waiting you will be renewed, in the waiting God will wipe away your tears. ‘…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.’ Psalm 30:5b; so look up, morning is dawning.


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