In His Name #1Of366

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Has your name ever caused you to succeed, maybe you stepped into an office and no one paid attention to you until you mentioned your name, then all of a sudden all attention is on you. In some cases, a name can cause unmerited favour.

Or has your name ever caused you trouble? Maybe you did not get that job because of your third name, or you did not get that approval because of your second name, or that name made them kick you out of that group.

It happens, for me, I have both experiences in almost equal measure. Sometimes I get free lunches and some bills are paid just because I am Rawder Kidula Kedaha. Also comes with some praises and admiration. ‘ At the same time, I have been rejected many times and given the back seat just because I am Rawder Kidula Kedaha.

What have you gained or lost because of your name? If that name is taken away from you will you lose it all? Can it be easily changed? How far would you go to acquire a royal name? Our names are important right? But there’s a name that is more important. (I almost said importanter)

Jesus says that In His Name we find favour. We find peace. We find joy. We find acceptance. We find love. We find hidden treasures. We find wisdom. we find safety. Actually we find everything that we ask for. (John 14:13) It glorifies God to give you whatever you ask in Jesus’ NAME. Wow! who wouldn’t want to stand by that Name? who wouldn’t want to speak in that Name?

All other names can fail us. One minute they are powerful the next they are weak. All other names are temporary. BUT the Name of Jesus is constant. Actually, In His Name. all nations put their hope. (Matthew 12:21) The reason to face tomorrow, The power above all, the strength like no other, unmerited favour, all that we desire: IS IN HIS NAME.

This year. Speak in His Name. Walk in His Name. Believe in His Name.


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