Everyone who meets her asks if she has been on air, if she loves radio like her mother, if she enjoys being at my work place and if she listens to me on radio. I think it’s now getting to her nerves. Recently she asked : Why do people think I want to be like you? (This statement can really hurt if quoted out of context) In my first article on this blog, we talked about what she wants to be when she grows up, but wait, things have changed since then, and she is still nowhere near the media.
Let me give you some background information. I always bring her to work during the weekends, especially Saturdays when am hosting children on air. In the first year, she was so excited about watching children participate in the show, she would take them to the washroom during the break and bring water for the thirsty ones. She was undoubtedly my assistant! Until I was told ‘Don’t call me your assistant’ . Has she ever been on air? No. Does she show any interest of being on air? No. Does she seem to envy other children when I give them undivided attention for over two hours? No. Does she listen to the program? Let me not answer this one; it hurts..
When her interest started fading away, it troubled me so much. I wondered why she would rather know how the machines work, where cables go to under the table; how to put on the microphones, yet she does not want to go on air, even record a speech. I started missing the moments when we could rate the show in the evening, and talk about who was the loudest, brightest, funniest then recall on the lessons. The feeling was not mutual. She doesn’t miss a thing. It was just like the first time I came to Nairobi and the smell of fries on the streets was so heavenly (am not talking about the upper sides of town) almost 9 years later, the same smell gives me a headache.
Therefore people, she is over it! She is over radio, she knows how it works, and the technicalities involved. She can switch us back on air if we ever go off: But she is over it! Radio is what makes her mother work late sometimes, and takes all our weekends. Radio is probably not her thing, for now. Of course I still throw in the mother card and make sure she learns what I am teaching other children, but I chose to let go wanting her o participate on air.
There is a question I hear people throw to children all the time. ‘ You don’t want to be a lawyer like mom?’ Or, ‘You can’t read well yet your mother is a teacher?’ Let’s stop putting all this pressures on young souls, they are growing, and at the right time they will decide and work towards their decision.
I see musician’s children singing too, I see pastors preaching with their children and business people teach their children how it works. In some cases, the children develop the interest and using my daughters words ‘they become like their parents’ but in other cases, they venture into different paths. Please don’t pressure them in making this choice. It might feel so good when you pass on ‘yourself’ to your child. But God did not create them to replace you when you are gone, He created them to use them uniquely for His glory.
As for me and my house, we will do what works for us. She is still discovering herself, who knows? She might end up in radio. (Still hopeful)


  1. ‘We shouldn’t pass on ourselves to our children’. That’s right may the Lord help us the parents to know that we’re just but God’s stewards n that we shud let them chart the paths God designed for them.

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