I’m Hungry

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Hunger has made me wake up at midnight, cooked food, ate and went back to sleep. It has also made me walk in the rain to go get some food. It has made me make excuses from other engagements. That is just hunger for food, making me go for extra miles. Now back in campus we used to hunger for the weekend, so that we go ‘home’, the word is in quotes because it meant different things for different people. We just loved leaving on Friday and coming back on Sunday evening. There are days it rained cats and dogs, but all who purposed to go home went. There are times some of us missed the bus but we did all we could to get to town, through motorcycles and tuktuks, through waving at strangers to take us to town. The worst I did was board those blue water Lorries because I had run out of options to get to town.

Have you ever hungered for anything? How far did you go to get it? I hear people say, if a man is interested in a woman, he will never be too busy, he will never have excuses, he will do all it takes to be there for the woman. Yes, we go for what we hunger for, we go for it with our all. People have killed because of hunger for revenge, hunger for money and wealth. People get sick when they cannot find what they hunger for. Your body stops functioning because that’s all you can think of. My daughter and I recently watched a video of a man who tried going for a week without eating anything. Well, he had a strategy; to be involved in other activities, thinking they will distract him from the hunger. By the second day, his body could not function, his mind could not function, he had no desire for anything else a part from food. He did not make it, he had to satisfy his hunger and thirst.

I know you have your own stories, personal and from other people’s experiences of the extent we go to satisfy our hunger. But are we as zealous to satisfy our hunger and thirst for God? Wait, do we hunger and thirst for God? For His righteousness? Do we seek His face with all it takes, through all means, through the rains, do we fall sick when we don’t spend time with Him, when we don’t read His word? Matthew 5:6 says ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.’ Hunger and thirst are urges we have frequently, not once in a year, not once in a month, not once in a week.

David says ‘ My soul thirsts for you; living God…’ He had a hunger and thirst for God. Are you? If yes, how far do you go to satisfy the hunger? Do you wake up at midnight to seek Him? Do you walk in the rain to find Him? Can you forsake everything else, just to spend time reading His word? Can I board a water lorry to go for fellowship?

May the Lord grant us a hunger and thirst for more of Him, and the courage to do whatever it takes to satisfy the hunger.


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