If You Know, You Know!

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I enjoyed every aspect of being on radio, I think it showed (most of the time). I usually prepared the content in advance, the fact that I knew what I was talking about boosted my on air confidence. At times however, especially from the advertising desk, I would receive a script while on air, and expected to sell some product or service. At first I used to panic, because I had not interacted with the script or the product. Once in a while, I would get ambushed to talk about something I personally use, those were the best. But when it came to talking about something I have never heard of, I panicked and lost all confidence. Yet, once I got used to it, experience gave me confidence and I started selling things I don’t know. Some would hear me talk about land in Mombasa and believe that I knew exactly where it was, yet I have never been past Machakos. The goal was to make people buy into the idea, and they did.

I see that in my daughter as well, she loves some Youtube celebrities and she is always watching their videos and shows. She may be an introvert until you start talking about these characters. She does not know them personally but knows their characters in shows. When you watch her describe them, you might think they have met and have some personal connection. The truth is that she does not know them, she only knows about them.

I have also seen that in church, when most people show up for services, they lift their hands in worship, some even talk about God, especially what He has done. The truth is that we judge people a lot because of what they say, so in Christian circles, those who quote scripture in every sentence are often thought to be ‘deep’. Those who pray for long are often viewed as more spiritual. Those who show up early and leave very late are always said to be ‘more committed’ It is happening even on social media, a timeline that is full of the Holy Scriptures is often interpreted to be belonging to a serious Christian. All these are good signs; we ought to be deep, committed, mature, spiritual and faithful. It is good when it shows. However we should beware of getting used to the talking and become so good in talking about a God we do not know. The devil fools as to believe that as long as people think we are deep, spiritual and committed, then we are good to go.

The fact that God seeks true worshipers means that chances are, the majority of worshipers are not true.  (John 4:23) Another thing, The Bible says that those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. So the main thing is not appearing to be strong, the main thing is knowing God.  Knowing God opens doors for strength and exploits. It makes more sense spiritually when we talk and post about a God that we know; not reading a script that has been handed to us, trying to personalize it yet there is no connection. As we always say, it will show. When you know your God, people will see your good works and praise God in heaven.

Today, strive to know God. What people say about you does not matter as much as what God says about you. Do not perfect the art of saying ‘Lord! Lord!’, because not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven. The knowing supersedes the saying: If you know, you know, you have nothing to prove.


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