If I Had a Choice…

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Sometimes life gives us choices, other times it leaves us without a choice. But at the end of the day, there’s always a choice to make.

This week some “impossible” situations have been presented to me. A friend of mine is in pain, been sick; in and out of hospital for years. The doctors are ever in shock when she walks out of hospital because every time she has been rushed in, they have thought she won’t make it. Time and time again, she is has been admitted in a critical condition and after some time she walks out. On Monday, I spent sometime talking to her, and found myself saying “if I had a choice, I would take away that pain you are going through”

On the same day I was praying over some of my unmarried friends. One of them has been on my list for some time. Before I got married, I was praying for her. I used to pray that God would sort her out first so that I know there’s hope. But God’s plan was different. So this night as I prayed, I found myself “wishing” the same thing. “If I had a choice, I would give this lady a godly, handsome, FINANCIALLY STABLE husband” hahaha.. I don’t know why I capitalized that.

Then another friend asked me to pray with her. She needs some huge amount o money for school. You know the amount that is mentioned by big companies as annual profits. Yes, the amount that no rich relative can afford. The type that needs a few wealthy people to fundraise. So even as she told me, she expected my shock. We prayed together and afterwards as I was thinking about it I said the phrase again: ‘if I had a choice, I would pay off that fee with one swipe’ well, because when my friends are stressed it affects me too.

As I was still thinking about how choice-less I am and asking God for miracles and wonders, God reminded me that I always have a choice. I can choose to feel powerless, useless and worry the whole day or I can choose something that works: Trusting in God.

Friends, we always have a choice! Today I pray that when faced with storms of life, we will choose to pray, we will choose to trust in his timing. The devil will present other choices to us, so that he kills, steals and destroys what belongs to us. But we have a better choice: To believe that God knows what He is doing. We have a choice to wait patiently. Let us make the right choice today.

Instead of wishing I had a choice, I pray that we make the choice that works.


11 thoughts on “If I Had a Choice…

  1. Wooow Rawder this is so timely. I have been worried over my sister’s fees since am the deputy parent . The amount that is required is past what I earn … And every time I have wondered where the money is going to come from … Thank you so much .
    I now surrender and leave it to God.
    Yesterday as was worried about the same the verse that says that God is able to provide all our needs according to His richness and Glory popped up in my mind but again something said to me it not me.
    This is a timely reminder that the Lord is able

    Thank you

  2. Amen! Very reflective. I always have the choice to trust God. Thank you Rawder for the reminder.

  3. I love this❤. Thank you for reminding me that I always have a Choice, a choice to Trust God, a choice to wait for His Timing, a choice to rest in His Promises and a Choice to let His will prevail for His will is good, pleasing and Perfect

  4. Indeed their are many times I have wished I had a lot of money to help this who come for my help. Indeed the best choice we can ever have is to trust in God

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