The piece of paper fell from her Bible and she quickly shouted ‘ Give me my idols, don’t read them!’ By now you know a little bit about me, I went ahead and read ; even took photos. So this little girl has idols; and she is keeping the list safe inside her Bible. (This is all happening in church) She is a big girl now and has mastered the art of looking so serious and attentive yet we are having some in-house conversation. We were going through the list one by one, because some things she doesn’t even own, how they can be idols? So in church the kids are being taken through a discipleship program and they are currently going through the Ten Commandments, (It is not that the child was meditating and just randomly wrote the list, this is coming soon though)

So our chat ended when children were asked to go for their lessons. Of course I knew we will need to explore this idols topic a bit more.

What is an idol?

‘Its something good or bad that a person loves and depends on more than God’

So does everyone have an idol?

‘No, but they have things/people who are almost taking Gods place, so they need to fight’

What is my idol?

‘Your phone, you are always with your phone and you cannot live without it’

What is your idol?

‘I don’t have’

But you have a list…

‘These ones are just for most Sunday school children, I don’t have idols’

Even TV and WiFi?

‘Yes, I don’t have idols. I worship God alone’

For once I don’t feel obliged to tell you who was saying what, but phone, really?

So this got me thinking, when I read about idols in the bible I have never pictured children. There is this perception that we can only have idols at a certain age, when we really understand God and know what they want in life. But hey, they are watching us, and whatever we worship and glorify in our lives, gives them an idea of which direction to lean.

Back to my perceived idol: Really? My phone? I don’t really think I worship it; I just use it for many things. I tried convincing myself she is wrong, but the annoying voice in my head reminded me that she sees me every day and there is some truth in that. Would I want her to grow up knowing anything can replace God in our lives? That Christians can go to church on Sunday then Monday to Saturday we elevate our jobs, families, money, food, and forget about God. Sad , right?

So let us not ignore the children in all aspects of spiritual growth. Observe your kids, what are they worshiping? Who has influenced them? Does God come first in their lives? Are we quick to be involved in their school work, what they have learnt and how they are performing, yet we don’t care what they learn in church, and if they pray and read the word? Are we always directing them to TV and sports, or any other thing or activity that will occupy their minds, or do we also direct them to God and church activities?

They need to worship God alone; they need to know now, that nothing should replace God in their lives. And they know by looking at us, and imitating what we do.





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  1. Thanks very much Rhoda(allow me to spell your name so) for this blog. It is truly inspiring and the best way of getting our thoughts out to the public.
    Blogging about my relationship with Christ is my forte. I enjoy it immensely because I know many people worldwide are blessed through the messages I post.
    Let’s genuinely serve the Lord wherever we are!

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