I want some soup NOW!!!!

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Of late I have been having issues with my internet, downloads take longer and even opening some sites has been taking years. I cannot stand slow internet.  When I need to watch a video and it stops after every minute to load, I get irritable. I wonder what happened to me, I wasn’t raised to be this impatient. I used to wait, I used to cry for things demanding my parents to buy them immediately and they would just watch me cry. I used to throw tantrums when I wasn’t allowed to eat raw beans, not knowing they would mess up my stomach. My parents loved me so much that they would rather see me cry all day than get sick all day. The few times I did things hurriedly without thinking about their implications on my future, I landed in trouble. I was taught patience, but what has changed?

Well, I think I got into a more technologically advanced environment and tasted the sweetness of getting what I want immediately. Ordering things online, pressing buttons and miracles happen, less waiting, accessing services through my phone and having it easy.  Going back to the slow world seems not to be my cup of tea. After venting to my friend about my internet issues, she made a joke saying I am turning into Esau and she sees me almost drinking the soup. We laughed about it but I started thinking about it later on, Many times I have condemned Esau for selling his birthright for a bowl of soup, yet I am doing the same in my own ways. I am desperate for instant gratification; I want to feel good now, yet I would feel much better if I exercise a little patience. My emotions and hormones are slowly taking over in decision making. It’s time to run.

No, it’s not just about the slow internet; it’s about life in general. I make choices every day, especially in this quarantine season, there are things that need so much discipline and sacrifice, like waking up very early to pray and read the Bible yet I have something entertaining to watch. Taking time to listen to worship music as I meditate on God’s word yet there’s so much I need to follow on social media. (Maybe that’s why am blaming the internet) Spending time studying with my daughter yet I can just go for another nap. That craving for instant gratification that takes away more valuable priorities is the problem: Because one starts procrastinating important things. Things with eternal benefits are moved to ‘tomorrow’ as things that make you feel good ‘now’ take priority.

Get to know what happened to Esau in Genesis chapter 25. He despised his birthright because he needed food. He let his hunger make the decision that cost his birthright. Would you do that? Before you condemn Esau, you need to know that your hunger is different, maybe it is sex before marriage; fulfilling the sexual gratification to feel good now and ruin your life later. Maybe corrupt deals are giving you instant riches which might ruin you in future. Maybe you have forsaken your walk with God because He did not give you the instant miracle you prayed for. Don’t let hunger, hormones, emotions and your own wisdom lead you. Depend on the Holy spirit. It may take more patience to get the gratification, but it will be worthwhile.

We are all being tempted by our own desires. You know your ‘soup’, will you take it and throw away your value or will you stand strong, maintain your birthright and have lots of better soup later on?


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