I Saw It Coming

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As I write this, I’m in hospital; as you read this, it’s probably many days later, so we are all fine now. But I saw it coming. I brought my baby for check up, he has been down with some bad flu, me too… but I can manage. So yesterday, we were up and down in some very dusty streets and the sun was all out. In my heart, I knew it was too much and we were playing with fire, but I kept convincing myself that we both had excellent immunity. Then we continued moving around in the heat and dust. This was not the first time, I knew the results would be disastrous but I kept at it, thinking, maybe, just maybe, this time, things will be different.

Well, that night none of us slept well; coughing, fevers and fussiness ruled the night. Looking back at the activities of the day, I knew that I was playing with fire. I actually saw this sickness coming, I saw all the warning signs, the discomfort and the sneezing but I thought once we get home I would fix everything with hot water with ginger and lemon. But no.. I should have just listened to my motherly instincts. Because the sickness stretched for a week, and it wasn’t easy on either of us.

One of my favorite phrases is “the closer you are to God, the clearer you hear him” if you know me, you know that phrase. I know how it feels to hear God and obey and also how it feels to hear him and disobey. Many times that I have found myself in the stomach of a fish crying for help, I have seen it coming. While running away from God’s calling and instruction, I have always known it will end in tears, but sometimes my stupidity has won. Thinking I know better, thinking it won’t be as bad as I think, thinking maybe God did not really say I should not eat fruit from that tree. from minor issues in life to major ones, I have tasted regret, sometimes I have even been scared to pray because in my mind the heavens are screaming ‘I TOLD YOU SO!’

I love the two verses below…

Psalms 25:14 says that “The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.” Jeremiah 33:3  says “Call to Me, and I will answer you I will tell you great and hidden things, which you do not know”

They are evidence that if you fear the Lord, if you call upon His Name, if you seek Him with all your heart, you will see things and know things. You will hear His warnings and be alert to His instructions. Whether you obey or not, you will see it coming. The still small voice instructs, warns and directs. Pay attention.

Today, when you hear God’s voice, do not harden your heart. He says ‘yes’ and ‘no; for your own good. If you need to get out of the dust, please do! If you need to call it off, please do, You may not know why, you may thing its not that bad, but our God who sees beyond today knows. Trust Him.

Maybe you are already in the pit, you saw it coming and ignored. God is still full of mercy and grace. He rescues us even from pits we dug for ourselves. Call on Him, His grace will lift you. He will rescue you.


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