I Met A Man…

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About last night, I decided to watch a movie; well my family thinks my movies are too safe, slow and predictable, so I watched alone. The movie is about this very rowdy party girl who is living her life carelessly, her family is concerned and are all trying to help her out. In one of her adventures she gets lost and ends up in a strange man’s house in the woods, the man is so good to her despite her very bad attitude. They stay together for a few weeks as they try get help for her to go back home. She gets to experience life outside parties, clubs and fake friends, and she loves the peace, the quiet and the joy within. By the time she goes back home, she is changed and everyone notices. Of course the movie ends with her kissing the man she met in the strange land. (I told you they say my movies are predictable)

I loved the ‘changed her’ who kept telling her friends and uncle that she had met a man, and they all wondered how a stranger could do in weeks what they had been trying to accomplish all her life.

Now, isn’t that what is supposed to happen when we meet Jesus? There is supposed to be an evident conspicuous change, the people close to us are supposed to wonder if we are okay. And when we are asked, we should be ready to say ‘I met a man called Jesus, who is more than a man’ I don’t know about you but I am fed up with using the phrase ‘I am saved and Jesus is my personal saviour’ to look good, or as part of an introduction, yet there is no transformation. If you have met Him and He is your personal savior it will show! It is predictable, the heavens expect it, the world expects it.

Remember Peter denying Jesus after the crucifixion, he tried saying he does not know Him but the people insisted that He even walks like Him. Look at Zacchaeus, he did all he could to meet Jesus and after dining with Him, he turned from a man who use to steal people’s money to a man who paid back the people who cheated.  The Samaritan woman ran back to the village telling people about Jesus, she did not care about her reputation, because she found the living water at the well. When you read about Paul, he looks nothing like Saul because of what happened on his way to Damascus, He met Jesus!!

Now since God is the same yesterday today and forever, I believe we too should have a before and after story. It does not have to be dramatic, but there must be a change. In fact, it is an inward change that gradually manifests on the outside. If you claim to have met Jesus and there is no inward change, then you need to ask Him for it, He knows exactly what needs to change; He is the one who causes it.

I pray that the transformation that happened to you when you met Jesus will cause you to be a true witness of Christ.


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  1. I bet this is a movie i have watched, I didn’t think of it this way..I trust I can see change since I met the man Jesus

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