I Love The Holidays !!!


Have you ever planned to sleep, really sleep with an agenda of recovering all your lost sleep, you get to bed and you just don’t feel like it, then when you finally sleep, you wake up very early and just stare at the darkness. Good. Then you will connect with my story today. If it has never happened to you, its okay, just follow along and laugh at what happens to others.

My daughter has always told me how she will really sleep when she closes school. Actually her motivation for early rising has been ‘when we break for the holidays, I will be waking up at noon’ . So yes, it has happened again, she is on holiday. (The girl performed so well, I will tell you about it some other time) when she arrived home she said she has three things to do; eat, sleep and watch TV. Homework will fit itself in her busy schedule.

The first day, the girl woke up very early, I thought she has finally inherited something from me, (sleep walking) so i find her smiling saying that she cannot sleep anymore. Talk about having breakfast before six in the morning! someone deciding to go to work with me. Guess what her plan isn’t working, we have to go with mine. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! Here are my top four reasons why…

  1. She is so bubbly and active compared to the countless morings I wake her up to go to school. she is the type you wake up and wait to see if you are on teh same page, you can have a conversation with her, and as yu leave, she goes abck to bed. But now, she wakes herself up on time, and she has alot to share. As usual i listen to some, nod to some, and soe i cant even remember, but i try my best to give her the morning attetion.
  2. I get help with house chores. Now that someone has the whole day to spend in the house, she can do all the things I need her to. For some reason, the attitude is so positive. Thanks to our church’s teaching on going an extra mile.
  3. I get to see my child. I get to spend time with her. I get to really appreciate who she is. Experience all her moods and personality. We laugh, work, learn, walk, get mad, go silent for no reason, watch crazy things. Then re-watch ‘Moana’ and ‘zootopia’. And through all this we learn and appreciate each other more.”
  4. Someone to send. Yeah am that parent that sends the child for the remote, a glass of water, my phone. No matter how selfish it sounds, I have never felt guilty for this. (Aaaauch! Right?) Now she is here, let me rest!

So when I hear people complain that children are home and they are a nuisance. I raise my eyebrows. We have this children so that we can take care of them, so that we can be with them. So, lets appreciate the blessing of having them around. Its a great time to mentor, correct and spend quality time with them. Enjoy the holidays parents.Enjoy the opportunity and privilege to parent!

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