I Know How This Story Ends

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I have come to fall in love with elevation worship. Quarantine has given us all opportunities to attend as many church services as possible without feeling ‘guilty’. So my family has explored several ministries and Elevation stands out especially for my daughter. One of our favourite songs by this ministry is ‘See A Victory’, my best lines are:

‘There’s power in the mighty name of Jesus.Every war He wages He will win I’m not backing down from any giant. Cause I know how this story ends Yes, I know how this story ends’

I keep singing that part, and declaring that I know how this story ends. Have you ever read a novel, especially of a real life story and you know all that happened from beginning to the end. Maybe it was a story full of drama, pain and hurt, maybe the main character was crying on almost every page, but at the end, there’s joy. Imagine finding someone sadly reading the same book, they are just in the middle of the story and are devastated. I would want to tell them to go read the last page first then continue, but it would mess up the lessons and the impact of the story.  The fact that you know how the story ends, keeps you happy, even watching them go through the sad pages, all you can do is assure them not to give up, keep turning the pages.

That is life, we keep turning the pages, and maybe right now you are in a page full of tears and pain, maybe you feel like throwing away the book, or even burning it. In this book called life, we cannot go read the last page and then come back, we have to patiently turn one page after another with our eyes on the author. The one who wrote the story knows exactly how it will end. Now the assurance that we have as children of God is that it will end in victory. So we shall not back down from any giant, we shall not tear away the pages, they all work together to bring out a beautiful story.

What if Joseph committed suicide, He would never have been second in command in Egypt. His story is full of hatred, betrayal and pain, all this happens as he remains faithful to God. He went through all the pages, and came out victorious. He was even able to help out the same brothers who sold him out as a slave, the same ones who wanted him dead. If you have read Joseph’s story that begins in Genesis 37 till the end, then anytime you hear someone talking about him being thrown in a pit, or in the prison, you can still afford a smile, because you know how the story ends.

Cheer up; consider it all joy when you go through trials and tribulations. For us who believe in Jesus we know that our story ends in victory. We have been promised eternal life. Let’s keep fighting the good fight of faith, and when fear and doubt creeps in, remind yourself of how the story will end, for there’s power in the Mighty name of Jesus.


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