I Know a Guy…

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Everyone knows someone who always knows ‘a guy’. Now in this context ‘a guy’ is someone who knows almost everything. If your phone is broken, they know a guy who can fix, if your car is not working, they know a guy who can sort you very fast, if you are organizing for a party, they know a guy who can deliver anything for the party, if you need a chopper for hire, they know a guy who can sort you at an affordable price. Anyone in mind? Well, I have two friends who only make one phone call and things are done. I treasure their phone numbers and anytime I call, expect me to start with ‘you know you are my guy!’ then I present my situation. Most of the time, my guys deliver…I said most, because…

Recently my guys failed me. That is not enough. One of them called his guy ( yeah, I also learnt that my guy has a guy) and he also had no clue. The matter was above them, and if my guy couldn’t deliver, I had no strength to call anyone else. For a moment I was clouded with hopelessness; what next?

The Holy Spirit prompted me to pray about the issue. I battled with His voice because I could not think of any other way God would work. Have you ever been stupid enough to think that even God needs a guy? That was me. I had come to a dead end, but God kept calling me, almost audibly I could hear Him say ‘turn to me’. So I made a prayer and surrendered the situation to God. God reminded me that He should be my first priority, not the last option. He gave me peace in knowing that He is at work in my life and I should not worry about anything. Looking back, that peace that I got was exactly what I needed. Forget what I thought was my actual need. Days later, I came to learn that whatever I was pursuing would not work anyway.

Now consider your guy, the person you think will always sort you and will never fail to get things done. Now, imagine him failing, because he/she will. One day they will not pick your call, one day they will pick and have no solution, one day their services will be too expensive for you, one day they will be no more. What will you do?

Replace your human source with God. Do it with confidence; God not only knows your true needs but He also never fails. He can fix whatever is broken, connect you to the right people and restore whatever is lost. Keep Him close, treasure your relationship with Him. You need to talk to Him and Praise Him for who He is. Switch off that phone and pause, your help is not from that contact list, it s not on social media, it is not from that rich relative. Your help comes form the Lord. He is always available and always makes a way.

Next time you need help, be confident. You don’t know a guy, you know the creator of the heavens and the earth. Call on Him.

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3

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