‘I Have Plans’


One Friday night the little lady of the house informs me that we won’t be going to our church on Sunday because she had plans. I immediately answer back making it clear that nothing replaces church. She can have plans after church; I never had plans until I was in campus. My mother told us what to do, where to go, what to eat and how to live. So this little girl has a long way to go. I am in charge of her schedule.

The lady goes ahead to explain how church must be attended but we will go to a different one. So I raise my eyebrows, this seems to be very serious!

Rawder: So what is the plan?

Sharline: We shall meet with my friends in Sunday school, and then head to my friend’s house to play.

Rawder: Why should you meet and you are always in school together?

Sharline: It is so different. In school we are so serious and busy and we have school uniforms. We don’t get to play all we want. So we have planned for a play date. No bells!

Rawder: Who is ‘we’?

Sharline: My friends and I, we planned this in class; the six of us will just hang out on Sunday.

Rawder: What will I be doing as you play?

Sharline: You are not part of the plan. You will take me to church and we will meet in the evening. If parents come, it will just be like school.

Rawder: What about homework?

Sharline: We agreed that by the time we meet all homework must be done so that no one is in a hurry to go home.

Rawder: What will you wear?

Sharline: I already picked what to wear; everything is ready from the dress to the shoes.

Rawder: But it is Friday!!

Sharline: Yes, Is it wrong? I thought I should always prepare early?

(Am left thinking with a smile: Why don’t you always prepare for school in advance?)

Rawder: What time should I pick you?

Sharline: You ask so many questions! We have planned for all that and things are okay. It is just an afternoon dedicated to play.

So I give in, let’s see how this goes. I have had plans with my grown up friends; girls’ night, movies, coffee dates, and most of the time everyone pulls out a day to the date. So I knew these children might just cancel the following day. But let me allow her to go so that next time, they will invite me for better planning. (Why do I always think everything is about me) Of course I talked with one mum and she was aware that kids were coming at her place.

So the day finally came and I took her to church and left, as advised. That evening she came back home happy and satisfied. Everything went as planned, even better. The team agreed not to meet every Sunday but once in a while.

These kids dint create a WhatsApp group, they did not even contribute any amount. They just had an agenda and made it work. Yes, everyone showed up for the fun day, and everyone got home safely. She sat on her bed texting to find out if everyone was safe at home.

This experience left me impressed. I need to get serious with my life and stop complicating things. To my girlfriends, we can plan for a meeting and all show up! It is very possible; ten-year olds have done it!


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