I Don’t Remember…

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All of a sudden she wasn’t my good friend anymore. I noticed that she was avoiding me every time we met. My calls were not being answered and my text messages were ignored as well. I was in a very busy season of my life so I had no time to fix the friendship. It bothered me every time I thought about her, but it wasn’t a big issue. After all, we were not close enough. I’m talking about a friend I made while in campus; shared classes, served together in church and had great conversations. I considered her one of my good friends, well, until the ghosting began.

One day the universe decided that we had to talk. We were paired up for some project that required us to meet and work together for a few weeks. I had to break the ice. What really happened between us? What did I do wrong? She confessed that she had wronged me a year before and all this time she thought I was very mad at her. She narrated the burden of walking around with the pain of knowing that I was mad at her. Honestly, I dint remember! She got emotional, explaining how she had failed me and how I was disappointed in a meeting. I still did not remember! so all this time, she avoided me and ghosted me because of something I did not even remember! We solved the issue and we are good friends to date.

Well, many times we sin against God and run away. We try avoiding Him, avoiding other Christians and even His word. We walk around with guilt thinking that God is mad at us. We stagnate our relationship with God because of sin. Today I would like to remind you that God is faithful to forgive. 1st John 1:9 says ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.’ Plus, He does not need days or weeks to think about forgiving you; He forgives immediately we confess and does not keep a record of our wrongs.

Another encouragement is found in Jeremiah 31:34 “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” The world may remind you of the wrongs you have committed. They may even label you by your past. But once you repent, God does not remember! He is not a man to hold grudges. Don’t let the devil stagnate you and choke you with guilt. God does not remember! He is lovingly holding out His arms ready to embrace you.

Go cry to Him; I am sure when you start explaining what you did, His response will be: ‘I don’t remember’


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Remember…

  1. I had this best friend while in campus , so close such that if people met me alone they would ask where is “Y” . All of a sudden she started avoiding me , I didn’t think it would go far so I didn’t bother asking .
    9 months later a mutual friend noticed we weren’t talking to each other and decided to reunite us . When asked why we weren’t friends anymore I said I don’t know because I didn’t even go silent , it was her.
    When she was asked she said ” I thought you knew , there’s this day you were looking at me guiltily and I thought you know what you did”
    I’m like what did I do . Upon inquiring I’m told ‘you told a friend what I told you ‘
    What I don’t get is , the friend who reported me also said what she was told but they are still friends, why ?
    But she was in for reconciliation but I still had the label ‘ anarudisha maneno’ so I asked for forgiveness but declined the reconciliation.
    I know God forgave me though I did it to help another friend. Makes me think about God , we sin everyday and he forgives us and doesn’t remember us with our sins . Just how great is he .
    Forever at your mercies Lord 🙏

  2. This spoke to me,feel guilty of sin to even face God…..i am mad at me and Him.Been through alot i hope to get to God soon

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