I Did It Again

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‘Hi, I have been struggling a lot with masturbation. I keep praying about it, but it is not working. Sometimes I swear that I will never do it again but find myself on it. I have now decided that I can’t live without it, the best thing is to reduce the number of times I do it. I have to live with it. I have tried my best. Even when I am away, I find myself back.’

That is the most common message in my inbox. Not necessarily masturbation but some form of habitual sin. Many of us are not struggling with many sins, we are chained by one. Sexual sin being one of the dominant forms of habitual sin. I’m talking about fornication, adultery, pornography and homosexuality. Then there’s gossip, lying, stealing, unforgiveness, anger, drunkensess, corruption etc. Each one has their own struggle. Something you keep going back to, however much you know it is wrong, however much you don’t want to do it again. Immediately after doing it again, the heart sinks with emptiness, you feel condemned and dirty. Wondering if you can even talk to God.  After disappointing him AGAIN. After breaking a vow AGAIN. Am I talking about you?

Well, the first thing that I believe is that the statement ‘I have tried praying and it’s not working ‘is a lie. Prayer works. The devil wants us to believe that because we have sinned again, the prayers we made did not work, so we should stop praying about it. God warns us, everyone who is in Christ receives a warning before they do anything wrong. We chose to ignore because sin entices us, we think of the instant happiness and forget the consequences. So we should never blame prayer. Prayer is the reason why we receive the warnings.

Someone told me that the best way to fight sin is having a greater desire. Knowing and believing that holiness will make me happier for longer. We sin in pursuit of happiness. We believe that when we say no to sin we are saying no to fun and happiness, then we end up destroying all the happiness we have. I don’t believe in ten ways to stop sin, I believe in loving God with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul. There are things that I was once entangled to, that disgusted me when I resolved to love God with all my heart; It does not mean that once you shout. ‘I LOVE GOD’ all the sinful desires disappear…no it takes time, the rule is. No matter how many times you fall. Rise up! Only God can rescue you.

Renounce every lie that you have believed in, that you can never overcome, that God hates you, that prayer does not help: All those are lies that need to be renounced. Pray for the conviction that God is the source of all joy and happiness, that He will supply all your needs, you don’t need to sin to get what you want. Then you need to stop playing with fire. There’s a reason the Bible tells us to flee and to resist. Stay away from the temptation. If you visit him, the chances of having sex with him are higher, so don’t. It is hard to stay away; you really want to be with him. Yes, fighting the good fight of faith is hard. You will lose friends, lose relationships and lose deals. But in the end, you will rejoice. Because your reward from God will be greater than what you let go of.

There’s no human expert who will train you on how to fight sin. Only God can, please don’t run away from God even after falling. You are better off crying at the feet of Jesus than running away after sin.

May the Lord help us all.


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