Have you ever tried praying in church, trying to find that connection and peace while communicating with God, then you hear someone shouting ‘I CANT HEAR YOU PRAY!’ Especially if you are positioned near a speaker. ‘Surely, are we praying to you, is it your work to hear our prayers, God knows who is praying and who is not praying!’ As a young christian this was my honest opinion, if it is time to pray, let people pray, if someone has left their house and come to pray, they don’t need a hype man to remind them what they came to do. I used to get so mad and walk out of church  just find a place and pray.

Then there are those who also shout, ‘I CAN’T HEAR YOU WORSHIP, LIFT UP YOUR HANDS, SOME OF YOU ARE STILL SEATED, I SAID WORSHIP!’  Then they become so harsh and  angry. I can’t go answer them, I just reply in my heart ‘Come slowly, hey, we can all lift up our hands to make you feel good, and not necessarily worship God.’ Once while visiting a church, the person leading prayers said ‘At the count of three, we should all start speaking in tongues’  I had never spoken in tongues (This days I do, but not when commanded, it just comes out naturally and mostly it is unplanned) This  particular congregation actually started speaking in tongues. I have never felt so small in church, like I don’t meet the standards.

Well, I understand when it comes to clapping and praising God with shouts and joyful noises, that one you need to hear us. And we look so bad when someone says ‘Lets clap to our God’ and we are there with hands folded, or do some people also clap in their hearts?

I am meant to understand that the person on the pulpit is speaking with God’s authority, so over the years I have learnt to focus on what took me to church. When i go to church, i know i am going to fellowship with other believers, this believers are not my duplicate, some roll on the ground while praying, some kneel. Some stand, some pray while seated and some shout on your ear and spit on you.

Dear People in charge of the church services, maybe you have an imagination on how we should all pray in unison, then sing in the right keys and volume, and even when we should speak in tongues. But is it better if you encourage us to connect with God and hear Him. It is only God who knows who is in church with the right motive, who is praying, who is faking tongues, who is worshiping in spirit and whose heart is  actually in church. So, please come slowly…

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  1. wooow! Rawder, I just dint Know that you write such good stuff!God bless you , keep you and keep shining! Positioned for Impact you are.

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