I can see you…

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I used to live in a lonely house on top of a five storey apartment: I could see all the crime in the estate from my window. My friends used to joke that I should be giving a weather updates of the entire city just by standing at my door. The fun part of living there was when giving directions to anyone coming to visit. Because I could see so far, I would spot them from the bus stop all the way to my house. Because of the many twists and turns, some would doubt that they are on the right route. So, on the phone call I would assure them, ‘keep coming, I can see you!’ and they would be very confused, “How? where are you? I cant see you” and I would say “You can’t see me from where you are, but I can see you. Keep moving”

I have been reminded of such episodes this morning as I was praying, a part of me was doubting if God really sees me. One of those days when I feel like I need an extra push, an extra “Keep going my daughter, keep right, the take the next right” God clearly reminded me of my house because of those words, ‘you cannot see me, but I can see you. Keep moving’ I am encouraged that Jehovah Elroi is here. He sees you. He sees me.

Many times our sight is clouded by storms and we fail to see God, we feel alone and forgotten. At times the mountains seem so high and the waters too deep. Today be reminded that our situations don’t change who God is, He remains to be omnipresent. He is still faithful to His word that He will never leave you nor forsake you. When you get fearful and overwhelmed, be reminded that God is still in control and He is still present in your life. You may not see Him, you may not feel like He cares, but as long as you are obedient to His word and you are walking on the directions mapped out by His word, keep walking, He can see you. The twists and turns are part of the journey, your work is not to sit on a twist and feel defeated, your work is to keep moving. No matter where you are, you can talk to Him, if you need assurance, His word is true!

All you need is to have faith, even as a small as a mustard seed, as you act on it, it will keep growing. You are not alone, you have not been sidelined, as you keep moving, you will realize that God has been there all this time. Don’t be distracted by the enemy, he will probably dangle shortcuts along the way, but keep your focus. Your father who cares so much about you is watching over you. So, He says this morning ‘You may not see me, you may not feel like I am with you. But keep moving, I am with you and I will be with you every step of the way. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged’


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