When church Re-opens

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Yesterday I went to the market with a friend; I belong to the group of wives that go buy fresh foods from the market at a lower cost. (Story for another day) The market has three very frequent preachers, men and women who have decided to go preach to the multitudes in the market, dully donned with their masks, they preach God’s word around different locations, and yes, they speak the true sound doctrine that is in God’s word. So one of them caught our attention, and my friend informed me that he loves his sermons; he doesn’t mind stopping to listen to him. We walked asking ourselves, ‘What is our excuse for not reaching out? What are we waiting for?

I have seen many people post on social media how they will dance when the churches re open, I have seen many declare how they will sing, how they will never be late to church again, how they will never take Bible study for granted again, ooh, the list is endless, you would think when churches re open some magic will happen instantly transforming us into committed Christians. Well, this pandemic has tested my discipline and commitment. I definitely miss the gatherings of saints, the communion prayers and physical church services. But, I would be lying to myself if I keep my Bible closed and aspire to be serious about reading it when churches re open.

The market preacher has decided, Corona or not, I will keep preaching. I will keep doing that which I am called to do, sometimes people support other times they don’t. Sometimes people misinterpret what I do with a hustle for money, yet I will keep preaching the gospel. For me that is one of the extremes, it takes a lot of courage and patience. So here I am, in a house, probably well fed and well clothed, feeding myself with movies, politics, funny memes, trending topics and everything else that seems fun. But I have no time to read God’s word because I am waiting for church to reopen? Who am I fooling?

I believe that if I haven’t been praying but I plan to embark strongly in prayer once the lockdown is lifted, then I should check my commitment to Christ. If my worship is confined in the four walls of a church building, then something is not right. Of course we will dance when that day comes, we will jump in praise and we will sing and shout. But we need to know that we can still do that now. Have you ever danced for Jesus in your house, have you ever knelt to pray in your house? Do you read the word in your house? If not, maybe we do it for people to see, to receive the praises of men.

This is my encouragement to you; don’t wait for the president to dictate the state of your faith. Do it in secret, do it through the storm and do it through the fire. Seek the Lord wherever you are, use the social media platforms as your market, evangelize through those instagram stories, stand out unashamed and keep serving the Lord. Worship is a lifestyle: Worship now. Praise now. “Now, therefore, fear the Lord and serve Him in sincerity and truth; (Joshua 24:14)


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  1. Thank you Rawder!
    This is the pure truth and challenge to us!
    Church is NOT a building! We do church in our homes and online. We worship with out life and lifestyle. We honour God in everything we do!

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