I am The Wrong Mother!


I don’t like this part of life, when your child is the one telling you ‘I told you so!’ Well by now, with my ten years of experience I am used to this: Being wrong. The problem is her celebration! She really celebrates and has this laughter that pricks my heart. Uncontrollable ‘wicked’ laughter that is prolonged for her satisfaction. When I apologize she pretends not to hear and makes me say it louder over five times. It’s not funny at all. We don’t play betting games but we bet on a few matters, like when the rain will stop and when the power will come back (I hear this is how betting addicts begin) that is not major, I can handle losing such, and I don’t need to apologize or re tell the story.

To make sure I don’t lose my dignity, today I will not tell you a whole story, let’s just say I have been wrong about artists who have sang some songs, I have been wrong about Bible verses, I have given wrong answers in her homework ( in my defense, I just don’t get social studies.) One time I was even wrong about the price of a dress. Wait, I think my biggest ‘wrong moment’ has to do with food. She had warned me about mixing some ingredients, but I wanted to shine and present myself like a super chef, so when the food was ready I couldn’t eat it myself. This day she almost composed a song in celebration.

Then she is into ‘the right way of doing things’ so she gets on the internet, finds out the right way of peeling a banana, then makes sure I am doing it the wrong way, so that she can teach me and of course do some happy dance. When she was younger she used to wonder why I don’t know some things at my age; by now she gave up. Actually it excites her. And she mocks my education in the process, how I have gone to university and I cannot unwrap chocolate the right way. Guess what I have had to up my game, but still I find myself failing miserably.

How does it make me feel? Thank you for asking. It makes me feel so normal. Growing up, parents were always right, a bit too perfect. Contradicting them was a crime. This went on until I was all grown and discovered it is actually not strength. Of course there are times they failed, but during my time we were not allowed to laugh at grow ups and mock them, leave alone compose songs followed by wicked chants. I do that now, I laugh with and at my mom and we goof around about many things. That is what brings connection. Being real and admitting mistakes.

Do I enjoy being wrong? No: Not at all. Sometimes I feel stupid. Sometimes I wish I could surprise her for just a month and get everything right. Especially the ones she specifically designs to test me. But then it would be so boring, I prefer her knowing I don’t know it all. That even grown-ups are in the process of learning and that they can be wrong. That parents can also apologize to their children and admit they were wrong about something.  So I am going to be wrong for a long time, for now I am busy finding out the right way to eat a watermelon.

2 thoughts on “I am The Wrong Mother!

  1. Your daughter is just amazing! She is very intelligent.
    At my age I am not even aware there is a style to use to unwrap chocolate ??? and a 10 year old knows. Google better be bae?.Rawder you’re not alone am learning through her also though at my youthful age.

    Your girl is blessed and you too is a blessing to her. Baraka tele Rawder. You’re an inspiration to me and many others. May God expand your territories in Jesus name!

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