‘I am Me’ and ‘You are You’


‘In this world you should always trust God. People will fail you. People change. Don’t depend on people, just put your trust in God’ This was me, giving advice a few days ago. I was charged up, with words competing to come out of my mouth, backed up with scripture: Passionately giving my princess some basic rules of life. But wait, it’s only fair for me to give some background…

That evening was tough for me; I had a rough day, full of disappointments. I got home, vented to my reflection on my mirror, but got distracted by my beauty (Hahaha, ok, it just didn’t work) tried calling my best friend, she wasn’t responding. It was just a bad day! even my playlist was not working, not the slow worship songs, am talking about my unwinding playlist, some gospel DJ mixes that I listen to mainly to dance through emotions. So i lay there and soon enough my companion arrived from school, with her tired face, ‘homework’ written all over her. (For some reason before even saying hi, she usually walks straight to the fridge)

A little voice whispered to me, ‘why don’t you use your day’s disappointments to advise her, teach her the lessons you learn, she should not make the same mistakes you are making’. So we go back to the first paragraph, I sat with her as she did her homework, thinking, she is a girl, she should be able to multitask. ‘So a human being can tell you, they love you, and in the next minute they don’t even remember what they said’ , she continued writing, and once in a while, looked at me with a sheepish smile. Well, I have no idea what was funny, so I continue saying how it’s only God he doesn’t change, how in life anything and everyone else can change, you can invest in things and people and come out empty, but when you invest in God you can never come out empty! (I was fired up, almost telling her to turn to her neighbor and say ‘God is constant’)

The girl suddenly put her books away. Finally she has a response! She is about to share her own experience of how people fail. ‘you know, if people have let you down, they haven’t let me down, if people don’t love you, everyone loves me, if people keep disappointing you, they haven’t disappointed me, you are you, and I am me’ . Friends, I have never felt so alone in my life. To make it worse she is saying this in laughter, like it’s so funny. She is laughing at my frustrations. ‘Okay, so you think it’s only me, who has this experience, so I might be the problem’ its well, please finish up your homework, let me go cook!

Was I telling her the truth? YES! It is true, people have failed me, I have failed people. Only God is constant. Did she respond well? I have no idea. Did she get the point? YES! On day he will remember all that I told her. Was my timing right? NO!

That was my lesson of the day; I should not pour out my frustration in form of advice. Actually the best time to share my life experience and give lectures and sermons is when my heart is at peace. It has actually worked before, I tell her a lot while cooking or travelling. So what was I thinking? It’s true, I am actually ‘me’



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  1. Lovely! God is and always will be constant but the beauty of it all, is that He writes or has written a different story line to each and everyone’s life. Just as your princess said? ..”you are you and am me” ……

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