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Are there Bible verses that scare you? Well, the good scare? I have a few, those that make me cringe and reflect keenly on my ways. Most are from proverbs, when you read a chapter and every description of a fool points to you! I really hope I’m not the only one!

This morning I’m thinking through the praises of men. The world has redefined a persons value and reduced it to likes and followers on social media. Young people are suffering depression and battling suicidal thoughts because they don’t get enough likes, enough applause when they post a photo. Teenegers are doing all it takes to earn some social currency. Trending is the new goal!

This hunger and thirst for social acceptance and huge social media following is affecting our walk with Christ more than before. One might be fooled that getting a thousand responses on a Facebook post is more pleasing to God than sharing food with a neighbour. You may even find yourself feeling closer to God because people on social
media say so, not because you really are spending time with Him.

It breaks my heart to see ministries shut down because only one person was watching anyway! To see servants of God being ranked by how many views and likes they receive. What happened to the one lost sheep? Does anyone care anymore? Or are we busy finding the perfect photo that will compliment that Bible verse we saw on someone else’s post? Busy googling prayers to copy paste without any part of of our hearts being involved?

It is sad that we are even forsaking our kingdom assignments for the applause of men! As long as I get a million views and thousands of “Amen” and “you are blessed” I will keep doing it even if that’s not what God has called me to do. Sad! Very sad! May God have mercy on us.

The Bible says that if we are only after the applause of men, then that’s all we get. Is that all we are after? Is that the greatest reward that we desire? The applause of men? Is it why we rose up early in the morning? Is that why we work so hard?

Here is the verse that has been causing me to have goose bumps of late. Making me ask myself why I do what I do. If the social audience is taken away, will I still do what I do? If I was only assured of one view on my YouTube channel? Will I still record my videos with excellence? I’m I after gaining the whole world and losing my soul? I’m I chasing the wind? Are my goals of eternal value?

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 6:1

May our eyes be opened today. May we go back to the cross. May we focus on what is above and not what is beneath. May we remember, our hearts matter more to God, our relationship with Him matters more. On that day when we stand before Him, we will not be judged on the applause of men but on whether we were faithful and obedient to God.


2 thoughts on “Human Likes…

  1. Thank you Rawder. This is a real point to ponder especially in this age.
    There is the demand to attract more followers on the Social media arena. One soul no longer matters in this age and there is a scramble for the crowd online.
    This post is sobering. God bless you.

  2. Amen… Thank you for reminding us that the likes and followers won’t and is not a qualification to do the will of God

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