How To Cook A Frog

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Ever heard of the best way to cook a frog? Well at first I thought one should boil water then throw the frog in it. But then the frog would jump out. What about chopping it into pieces? Well that would take a long time. I came to learn that the best way is to put the frog in a pan with cold water and a fire under it. Once the frog is comfortable, increase the heat a little. The frog might notice but because the change is almost insignificant, it will continue getting comfortable in the now warm water. Well as you know the water will keep heating and before the frog knows it, it will be boiled to death. So the next time you are thinking of preparing a frog, remember to use this procedure. Well I have never done it myself, and today we are not talking about frogs, let’s focus on the process.

Slow but steady: That is how we create habits. We start something, get comfortable and content, enjoy that season, maybe spice things up a little, get comfortable again, make it spicier as we keep adjusting and before we know it we are fully boiled. When it is a good habit like prayer, Bible reading, developing a passion or talent, then the results are great. But when it is a bad habit, sexual immorality, drugs, stealing, gossip, idolatry, lying or any other sin, the results can be fatal. This is how we start, day one I will just watch pornography to see what other people watch, then I will get comfortable in watching maybe even with some disgust on my face. Then try doing what I am watching, get comfortable with it for some time, then grow into practicing with a second party, before I know it, I am boiled to death. And it is very hard to come out.

Right now during quarantine, we are definitely developing habits. Some of them have started so mildly. You barely notice because it is such a little adjustment, maybe your prayer life is deteriorating, because you keep moving it to tomorrow, after all, I will still be in the house, let me watch movies first. Soon you will get comfortable with praying only once in a day, then once in two days, then once a week, then once in two weeks, then once a month. Adjusting and getting comfortable, before you know it, prayer is no longer a priority. You can choose to slowly create new habits or unconsciously break the good habits you had and replace them with bad ones. It is time to stay spiritually awake, or else we might slowly fade back into darkness.

The water is heating up, so jump out of that pan before it is too late. Be spiritually alert and don’t allow small adjustments to kill you spiritually. The devil is seeking to kill steal and destroy, he is moving around devouring and discouraging. So stay sober as 1 Peter 5:8 says ‘Be of sober spirit, be on the alert Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.’


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