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So, 2018 started and before we could finish up the remaining chicken, schools were opened. The first morning was tricky for us, no one could remember how to tie a tie. We took some time to figure that out. Then life started. Holidays were over. Just like that! I was busy planning for the year, for the two of us, then I said hey, we should be doing this together. So I called the young lady excepting total cooperation, that she will bring in her wisdom and resolutions and once we merge we will make this unstoppable team. 2018! here we are! my mind was so charged up, guessing what she will say and smiling at myself, and how awesome a mother I am.

I really hoped she would say that in this year she will take her  journals seriously, at the end of each day she will write down what she had learnt. I was also hoping for so many spiritual stuff, that she resolves to study the Bible more, pray some more, fast and even preach in her class. Hallelujah!!! By this time I was all so anxious. Knowing that she will find this exercise fun. A part of me wanted her to suggest something social too, that she would want to make more friends, go for sleep overs. You know! She is 10 now, her list should shock me! Her dreams should be so big that I have to tell her, that one we cannot handle this year lets bite what we can chew.

I ask other people’s children what their 2018 resolutions are and, my oh my! Children have dreams, goals and visions. They go on and on how they want to learn, grow, explore the world and  make their dreams come true. One seven-year old told me that In 2018 she would like to fast for 21 days. Wow! right? Wow! Even if she wont do it, at least she has said it! Some even say in 2018 I just want to give back to the society. Give back what? you are six years old, the society is still giving you? In short, some kids amaze me, they are so good.

Lets go back to my house; so I call her with my usual excited voice. She walks in wondering what is more important than her movie. I tell her to take a seat and share with me three things she would like to achieve in 2018. The girl gave me a smile, that’s a good sign, right? WRONG. It is a mischievous smile I knew I am on my own.  She said:

  1. To survive first term in school.
  2. To survive second term in school.
  3. To survive third term in school.

I looked at her as she burst into laughter, ‘Seriously?’

Then she shouted,’ Can I add?’

‘Of course!’ I said picking my pen, hoping something ‘Important’ will come out of the beautiful mouth.

4. My fourth resolution is to enjoy the holidays in between the school terms’

Yes, you are right I told her to go back and enjoy her movie. I sat down and wrote my first resolution. ‘Rawder, don’t force it. You have an angel, this will be the best year for you as a mother, just don’t force it.’ I inted to ask the question again. So help me God!

4 thoughts on “Her Resolutions

  1. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    This girl is so wise!
    Lesson learnt : Don’t force it. Be yourself and allow God to take charge of everything.
    Have time to listen to your loved ones and appreciate their thoughts.

    When I will be a mother, I’ll confidently emulate Rawder Kidulla

  2. Rawder you just amaze me! I look up to you ma’. Hope to see and meet you in person. I wanna be more wiser and learn more on understanding Self coz you really do ??

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